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We are Sara & Stephane – S & S – and this the story of us (or part of it, anyway).

We enjoy learning new skills, breaking things, fixing things, sailing through squalls, clambering around on rock and ice, spearfishing, running up mountains, and driving giant fifth wheels where they shouldn’t go.


After planning our wedding in a week’s time, we sold it all to explore the world by sailboat. We sailed to challenge ourselves, discover new things, places, and people, and to create amazing memories. Sailing adventure completed, we returned to Colorado where we bought a fifth wheel – The Great White Buffalo – so we could continue our life of exploration on land. After life with GWB, we found ourselves strangers in the strange, humid, and buggy land of Maine. We met some amazing people out east, had Hugo, and headed back west as soon as was possible. And now, after eight moves in three years, we’ve decided to set some roots in northern New Mexico. And from our new base camp in Los Alamos, the adventure continues as we explore our new playground in The Land of Enchantment.


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We are pilot, programmer, climbing partner, trail mate, deckhand, camping companion, husband, wife; part adventurer, part nomad, part free-spirit. And All In.


Welcome to Our Journey.



About us (original)

Welcome to Our Journey We are sure it will be  challenging, scary at times, frustrating and tiring. But we are also sure it will be exhilirating, eye-opening and memorable. We are ready to be tested and ready to be salty sailors! We have been planning for a year and half: reading through blogs, books and …

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