Category: 08: Re-Landlubberization

Jun 17


Last week we stepped it up a notch and a verb. Before we were searching. Now we’re seeking.  (Because seeking definitely sounds more active and significant than searching, right? You be the judge: “He is seeking the hidden treasure of Atlantis” -or- “I am searching for my sunglasses” p.s. : Harry Potter was a Seeker! Enough …

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Jun 15

Daily Rituals

    What are your daily rituals?   At The Little House, a.k.a. The Hefti Household, we have settled into a steady rhythm, one which includes coffee, internet, running shoes, Google Maps (“So there’s this job opening in Raton, New Mexico…”  “…where?”), and coding classes (Me: C#, Stéphane: Swift).     Oftentimes we are up early, …

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May 22

Hitting the Ground Running

We landed in Colorado last week and hit the ground running. Literally and figuratively. Literally: a long, muddy hike in “Dry” Creek (it’s been super rainy here lately), multiple runs on my favorite local trail system, Buzzard Gulch.     Figuratively: spending hours updating resumes, writing cover letters, and searching for jobs. Stephane: chopping wood, …

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May 16


Since leaving Montrose, nine months ago, we’ve had the opportunity to try on many different homes: What’s Home feel like in Lafayette, Indiana? Norfolk, Virginia? Oriental, North Carolina? What’s Home like with three kids? Is Home on a sailboat? Is it where you grew up? Is Home a tangible thing? Is it a box made …

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May 04

A Tale of Two Tiguans

It all started with a test drive. During which we ran out of gas. While I steered us toward the gas station, Stéphane and our car salesman, Jay, pushed me down the car-infested mega street. Jay was shocked and so apologetic; we thought it made for a good story. So the car? A VW Tiguan. …

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Apr 26

Pete + Ryan

  Guess who just got engaged?!?!?!    

Apr 25

One Car Two Car

(Adapted from Dr. Seuss’s One Fish Two Fish) one car two car red car blue car black truck blue truck old truck new truck some are red and some are blue. some are old and some are new.   For the last week and a half we’ve been in St. Clair Shores spending family time and looking for a small SUV …

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