Velcro Beach

We’ve heard talk of this place from the very beginning of our journey. Velcro Beach: a mythical land where hot showers never run cold, trash is easy to dispose of, buses run frequently and are easily accessible; locals stop on the side of the road to offer you a ride to the grocery store and wine flows from the drinking fountains between the hours of four thirty and seven o’clock in the evening. Well that last part I made up but the rest is true!

Vero (Velcro) Beach is just eleven miles north of Fort Pierce on the ICW. They call it Velcro Beach because it is so “cruiser friendly”; cruisers stop on their way south and end up spending a lot longer than anticipated because it’s just such a great place. We chose to go to Vero not because of its reputation, but rather because of the TRUE treasure of Vero Beach: Papa and Mama Stew. Pa & Ma Stew are Sarah Logemann’s parents (see “The Logemanns Visit” entry) and Stéphane’s and my very special friends.

We arrived at the Vero Beach City Marina Tuesday morning. I couldn’t believe how many boats were crammed into such a small space – two and three boats to one mooring ball!

Image 9

The mooring ball field @ Vero Beach City Marina

Image 12

Rolling three deep…


Image 10

It’s all in the name.

Image 11

Our friends Bob and Anne from Baloo are here! So fun to see the boats of friends in a new place.

We worked our way through the mooring field to the other side and anchored outside of it with a few other boats in a nice, protected spot.

Image 14

We’ve been hanging with Pa & Ma Stew all week and are having an absolute blast. The Stewarts are avid boaters and have a pretty amazing collection of boating stories that they shared with us over many wonderful meals.

Image 16

Some very major math and serious measuring went into the hanging of these paintings.

For the first time since we bought Free Range three months ago, we spent a night on land, Chez Cabana Stewart. The Cabana-Stewart-@-The-Beach-House was so quiet and STILL. I took a very long, very hot shower (and no, the hot water did not run out)- it was simply fabulous.

It’s Friday and we’ll spend another few days here, heading back to Fort Pierce on Sunday and from there either further south along the Florida coast OR we may jump off to the Bahamas with a few buddy boats. We’ll keep everyone posted as to our plans for leaving the country!


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    • Grandma on December 6, 2014 at 6:52 am
    • Reply

    A few nights on land – you’ll have to get your “sea legs” back. How wonderful you get to visit with your dear friends,

    • Elaine & Cornel on December 9, 2014 at 12:41 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Guys, great to hear you are having a great time…we are in Cononut Grove enjoying the warmth before I have to fly home to the great white north for Christmas. Cornel will be staying here so if you end up this far south find him on morning ball 76. May the seas be fair and wind at your back. .. Elaine

    1. Hey Elaine!
      We are headed to the area (Key Biscayne) this evening, weather permitting, looks good so far. Enjoy Christmas with your family and stay warm! We’ll look for Cornel if we get over to Coconut Grove.

    • Sarah on December 13, 2014 at 10:21 am
    • Reply

    Love you !! Sarah

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