What we do on our sailboat (besides sail)

We’ve been at it for three months. What are we actually doing?

Image 8

First and foremost, we fix things. We’ve been told by many people that Cruising is “fixing your boat in exotic locations”. We haven’t gotten to the exotic part yet, but we are definitely fixing Free Range as we move along.


Image 11

We take pictures of our boat. From all angles and distances. At every place we anchor. Because we all know how awesome it is to look at many, many pictures of other peoples’ boats.



We take pictures of other peoples’ boats. Or the train wrecks, at least. (No, Anthony P., this is NOT our boat 😉


Image 19

We figure out where and how to best get groceries. This was in Morehead City, NC. A mile dinghy ride to a “beach” that might have been private (?), a half mile walk to the grocery store. Because, yes, having eggs for breakfast is SO much better than oats.


Image 126

We work the groceries into the shot of our boat. Because you can’t have too many shots of your boat!


Image 117

Fix more things…


Image 8

We go ashore and take pictures of random things.


Image 140

Spend quality time with family.



Take selfies.


Image 219

Pose for tourist-y photos.


Image 4

Go shopping for massive quantities of canned goods and paper products.


Image 12

Fix more things…

Image 28

We sample local cuisine. (Scotch egg – hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried. Yes, it was awesome).



Organize all our stuff. Most of the “stuff” we have these days consists of nuts, bolts, screws, power tools, pumps, replacement parts, and clippy things.


Image 2

Walk to places like libraries, marine supply stores, only to find that they are closed.


Image 11

Eat. Oats for breakfast again? (You see the importance of getting to the grocery store for fresh eggs now, don’t you?)


Image 4

We pump out. (a.k.a. sucking the poo/pee from the holding tank with a big vacuum).


Image 14

Figure out how to dispose of our garbage.


Image 292

Multi-tasking: More sampling of local food / drink AND selfie.


Image 109

Time to fix something again.


Image 9

And it’s been at least a day since we’ve taken a photo of Free Range.


Image 10

We meet up with best friends.


Image 15

We read our sailing books so we don’t look like complete morons out there.


Image 6

We take more photos of other peoples’ boats. This little pirate ship was photo-worthy though.



Image 1

We play cards.


Image 7

We (well, only I for this one) shave legs.


Image 14

Spend more time with good friends.



Time for another selfie!


Image 8

More groceries…

Image 1

More touristy photos…

Image 3

We cook meals with things like powdered milk and chicken-in-a-can (or bag).


2014-11-02 21.32.01_resized

We make friends.

Image 16

We figure out where we are going and how to get there.


Image 17

But, let’s be honest – mostly, we fix things.


    • anthony pylar on December 10, 2014 at 9:52 am
    • Reply

    Hi guys, awesome post! Go back and fix something, stop reading this

    • Grandma on December 10, 2014 at 4:10 pm
    • Reply

    It;s good to keep thinks “fixed”. I’m sure Stepane loves those “shaved” legs. I loved the selfies of your and Stephane.

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