01: Preparing for the voyage
The Little House

The Little House

The Little House has been my home for a while now – it’s been perfect for me and Myra: plenty of room for this girl and her dog. The Little House is actually Dan and Karen’s guesthouse and is located in what we lovingly call The Village: a community of friends and homes up on Spring Creek Mesa outside of town. With Dan and Karen next door and Tom and Melisa across the street, I am only ever a few steps away from movie night, wine on the veranda, or a jam session.

So this place has been my little haven, just mine. But now I am ready to open my home up to Stephane!

With Stephane’s house closing in less than a week, we are taking another big step toward our dream! The ideal buyer fell into our laps and the selling process has gone smoothly so far. Over the course of one weekend – with advertising on Craigslist and lots of signs posted all over town – we were able to sell a majority of the items from The Medium House (a.k.a Stephane’s); the rest we sold on Craigslist. Another big step taken towards the dream – getting RID of stuff. It is amazing to me the amount of things that one amasses over the years. I thought I didn’t have much in the way of stuff but as I cleaned out my closet to make room for Stephane, I was astonished at the number of bags I was able to fill with unnecessary clothing.



With both Stephane and I living here we will be able to save even more and keep moving in the right direction (faster!) towards our goal.



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