05: Cruising: Bahamas
Like a Rolling Stone

Like a Rolling Stone

Stéphane’s been bugging me to add music that I like to our iTunes collection. I used to love music of all kinds but for the last ten years or so, I’ve been pretty ambivalent to it; it’s not that I don’t like music, I’ve just forgotten that I love it. So I couldn’t really care less about adding “my” music but Stéphane’s insistent so I go through the gigantic music library that we got from Tom, re-discover some good songs, and move them over to our iTunes.

See, when it’s a mellow day on the water, Stéphane loves to pull the speaker out into the cockpit and add a little soundtrack to our sail. I enjoy the music but it isn’t MY music so it’s nice but it isn’t, you know, that extra something that you get when you mix an amazing moment with music that moves you.


This morning we’re excited about our destination- George Town: the cruiser’s Mecca. We’ve heard about George Town from the very beginning of our planning this adventure so it feels like a big day for us, to finally make it to this place. I’ve imported some of “my” music to our iTunes, it’s a calm day on the water, so we break out the speaker and crank the tunes.

The sun’s peeping out from the ocean as we head out Galliot Cut and turn south; two fishing poles off the stern, three buddy boats up ahead – Bill Roy on Providence just radioed that he caught a Mahi Mahi. The masts of twenty other sailboats further ahead jut into the sky – lots of company on today’s journey. The sun is warm and the wind is soft on our cheeks.
How could this get any better?

Just play a little Dylan and what was once just another sail is now a most fabulous memory.


How does it feel, ah how does it feel?

To be on your own, with no direction home

Like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone


That’s one kick-ass simile.

It might be time to re-discover this whole music thing…


Image 24
Our buddy boats, leading the way.
Image 25
Time to catch some fish!
Image 27
Got one! Oops…a barracuda.
Image 26
A half-eaten barracuda at that – a shark or other bigger fish had gotten a few bites in while Stéphane was reeling him in. We put him out of his misery with some vodka to the gills.
Image 28
Relaxing and enjoying the music, the view, the day.
Image 30
Got one!
Image 29
Yes! Finally got a legitimate fish! Our first Mahi Mahi! We cooked it up for dinner that night at George Town and shared it with friends – tasty!!!

11 thoughts on “Like a Rolling Stone

    • Author gravatar

      Nice fish! What type of lures are you guys using?

      • Author gravatar

        Hello Uncle Ant! We’ve been using fake skids (one blue-purple and a pink one) and a blue fish looking lure. What works best though seems to be a wooden blue and yellow lure that looks like a small mahi about 6 inches long. The blue fish looking lure has only brought barracudas so far, not sure I’ll use it much more… But we’ve mostly been spearfishing!

    • Author gravatar

      Ooops! Just saw the lure in the net photo – looks like a blue and white squid (almost looks like a Detroit Lions Honolulu Blue lure). Awesome

    • Author gravatar

      Awesome catch! How was it??

    • Author gravatar

      Great post guys! It looks very relaxing to listen to tunes and fish off of your own boat. Let us know when you think you’ll be in the virgin islands and we’re there! Life is hectic as usual in Montrose. Ice festival is going on this weekend. The gang is going over to Lake City to climb this weekend and next, hoping to join them. Blue skies and mid 40’s, so it’s shorts weather here! LOL! Thanks for sharing the adventure. love and hugs!

    • Author gravatar

      Sara, I am pretty sure that you should write a book about your adventures some day my dear, you are quite the story teller, I continue to be captivated. Let the good times roll and let the music pave the way.

    • Author gravatar

      Yes Phyllis, , Sara has a unique way about her writing with a little humorous kick as well !! Thanks for posting, I totally agree with YOU !!! (Not that I’m prejudiced) heehee !!!!

    • Author gravatar

      Hey Stephane!! t
      Those are some pretty fish you caught there son, hope they taste as good as they LOOK !!!

    • Author gravatar

      Thierry te demande pourquoi le poisson dans le filet et tout vert-jaune et que lorsque tu le portes il est plutôt gris. Est-ce que c’est le même poisson? ou un autre?

      Et Thierry aimerait savoir pourquoi tu mets de la vodka sur le barracuda? allez-vous le manger?

      Gros bisous Sara et Tonton

      de Thierry

      • Author gravatar

        Bonjour Thierry!
        Le poisson qui était vert-jaune et le poisson qui était gris, c’était le même poisson! Quand le poisson morte, il oublie son vert-jaune couleur et il devenue gris.

        Nous n’avons pas mangé le barracuda. Un autre poisson a mordu le barracuda quand il était déjà a notre hameçon et il allait mourrir de toute façon. La vodka endors le poisson très rapidement.

        Gros bisous!
        Sara et Tonton

    • Author gravatar

      That dorado looks delicious!

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