06: Cruising: The Caribbean
In search of chicharones

In search of chicharones

We spent a day exploring the town of Samaná. Actually, searching is a better term – we were searching Samaná: our mission was to find Bob this certain delicacy he has been talking about for the last three weeks: fried pork. Problem is, it’s not just any fried pork – you see, it’s fried pork rind – basically, fried fat. It is called chicharone. I know, I know, I’m thinking what you’re thinking – gross!! But apparently it is not disgusting- it is heaven, according to Bob. So, we are doing our best to find Bob his little slice of fat-and-calorie-rich heaven on the trash-strewn streets of Samaná.

This street vendor is selling coconuts and sugar cane. The sugar cane is the brown branch-looking things to the left. He peels the brown cover off to reveal the sugar cane beneath. We tried a piece – WAY too sweet.
Image 18
The guys! Bob, Stéphane, Steve.
Image 1
There are sweet, malnourished mutts everywhere in the DR. I usually ended up splitting most of my meals with them because I could do with a few less calories each day and they could certainly do with a few more.
Image 5
This boy was selling malabas – pear-shaped fruit with red skin and white flesh.
Image 3
Cool architecture.
Image 4
After walking around town with no luck, we called the search for fried pork off and settled on this place for lunch.
Image 53
Bob and his awesome hat (I’m trying to find one just like his for Stéphane). Stay thirsty, my friends.


We get a ride back to the marina by a motoconcho – this is a picture of what they look like. Now imagine one of these little things carrying FIVE adults uphill for several miles…
Image 6
It was a hoot!!




Image 7
Our motoconcho driver.

An unsuccessfull chicharone search, but a fun day nonetheless.










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