Culebran Creatives

There’s got to be an artist colony on Culebra. Either that, or there’s one really creative, overly-ambitious Culebran artist because art is all over the place here. It’s on the most mundane things, which makes it even cooler.


Image 38

Garbage can looking a bit boring? No worries! Let’s spice it up with a spray-painted turtle! Voila!


Image 47

Is your bank too bank-y looking? Then you OBVIOUSLY need the profile of a pouty woman on your walls.

Image 54

Your menu missing a little something? Like a technicolor tank?

Image 16

Detroit could learn a thing or two from Culebra. Vacant building? Not much money to do anything with it? Why not plaster pages from the Phone Book and then add life-sized images of children playing?

Image 17

Covered in the White Pages.


Image 18

Hop scotch.


Image 31

Bored at the beach? Not these artsy Culebrans – nature provides the materials: grab some coconuts and make a little art!

Image 32

Coconut spider.

Image 34

Coconut dancer.

Image 33Image 35

Image 51




Image 46

Colors everywhere. Love it!


Image 21

Cool mural.

Image 22

Not sure who this dude’s supposed to be. But he has a shadow.



Culebra is a small island just east of Puerto Rico. It is unclear to whom it actually belongs – I’ve heard it called part of the Spanish Virgin Islands and also part of Puerto Rico. All that really matters was that we did not have to check into customs here (meaning we did not have to pay money for another stamp on our passport).


Image 12

Our anchorage in Culebra.


There are several beaches on Culebra, some fun restaurants, and a few spots to snorkel over some coral reefs. The anchorage was pretty crowded but we were able to find a nice spot amongst the other boats.



Image 30

Zoni Beach. Neil and Nory told us to check this one out and we were glad we did – fabulous.


Image 36



We are currently cruising with Steve on Slow Flight and Mark on Osprey and having a blast. We rented a golf cart one day and drove all around the island, seeing what we could see.

Image 24

The boys on the golf cart.

Image 25

Stéphane was our driver and Mark the navigator. Steve and I were the backwards, backseat drivers.

Image 42

Stéphane was a crazy driver. Glad the golf cart had seat belts!

Image 43

More color. Zaco’s Tacos for lunch. mmmmmmmm.

Image 44

Colorful liquor bottles.

Image 41

There’s a little airport on Culebra. Just a small fence separating the airport from the street. We stopped on the side of the road to watch a plane take off.

Image 27

Wild Hogs!!

Image 23

The Volkswagen THING.


Image 14

The Dinghy Dock Restaurant. Back in July 2014, Stéphane flew to St. Thomas to look at Nereia, a Baba 35 that we almost bought before Free Range. He helped the owner sail it from St. Thomas to San Juan. They stopped at this anchorage and ate at this place – FULL CIRCLE!

Image 13

Colorful Culebra. Loved this little red sailboat – Peregrine.

Image 15

Streetside vendor selling pork. Not much left of the piggie…Eeew!


Happy Hour with friends at Mamacita’s.




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