06: Cruising: The Caribbean
Still Working…

Still Working…

Although all the real major refitting was done on Free Range before leaving Oriental, there’s ALWAYS little projects that need to be done along the way.

The other day we found ourselves anchored at Redhook – an anchorage on the east coast of St. Thomas – because our buddy boat had broken his forestay. Within walking distance of Redhook we discovered a boatyard!!! Boatyards are awesome because they offer parts, supplies, carpenters, mechanics, tools – anything you can think of to fix your boat – it’s probably at a boatyard.


Anyways, boatyard proximity means we can fix the cockpit shower door that one of us stepped on a month or so ago (not me!!).


Image 12
I couldn’t find a very good “before” picture, but this gives you an idea. We have a freshwater shower in the cockpit (it’s awesome to shower in the cockpit provided there are no peeping toms lurking about). The shower has a little plexiglass door on hinges. Well, Stéphane accidentally stepped on it when it was open and cracked it pretty good. So we’ve been wanting to fix it but haven’t had the resources to do so…until the boatyard!
Image 9
We had a choice between plexiglass (see-through) and this other material (not see-through). I wanted the plexiglass but then thought maybe it would look better to “hide” the shower…Anyways, we went with the non-see-through material. Here we are at the carpentry shop at the boatyard.


Image 12
The carpenter guy didn’t have time to round the edges or make the hole in the door. No problem! Stéphane broke out the tools and made it happen.
Image 15
Here’s the after. We need a bigger drill bit to make the hole just a little bigger so it’s easier to open. I kind of wish we’d gone with the plexiglass because the white door doesn’t match the white of the cockpit. It’s really not a big deal but little things like that bug me!! Oh well, it’ll do!!


Image 16



2 thoughts on “Still Working…

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      The door looks great! Maybe you guys have a future “flipping” s/v now that you have all this experience (this blog would be a great marketing tool)…..might be tricky in CO though! Be safe!!!!!!

      • Author gravatar

        That would actually be a really fun job, I think! Maybe we can transition into flipping homes instead? We’ve talked about wanting to start some kind of business back in Montrose but not sure what we could do…Maybe flipping is in our future!

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