Daily Rituals



What are your daily rituals?


At The Little House, a.k.a. The Hefti Household, we have settled into a steady rhythm, one which includes coffee, internet, running shoes, Google Maps (“So there’s this job opening in Raton, New Mexico…”  “…where?”), and coding classes (Me: C#, Stéphane: Swift).



Morning coffee with “the retro mug”, straight from 20817 Lange.


Oftentimes we are up early, perusing job postings, sharing research on a potential new town, calling colleagues, and sending out resumes.



Workspace (Me: PC, Stéphane: Mac).



I send Stéphane out into the world when I have job interviews (two so far) so that I can focus on not making a total ass of myself over the phone.


Over many conversations, we’ve come to realize what kind of place fits us best (small mountain town) and what kind of culture we enjoy most (outdoors- read: mountains for climbing, trails for running, much land for exploring and spreading out). Because of this, we know that we must be creative, patient, diligent, and persistent.


We know we may not end up in Montrose and we are exploring different options (creative).

We know it’s not going to happen overnight (patient).

Our search is daily, it includes networking and road trips and many questions asked (diligent).

We know we have to keep at it and if we do, something will present itself (persistent).


In between the cover letters, job interviews, area research, and coding classes, I still get out and get muddy on the trails.





Stephane gets muddy on the trails too.



We play with friends in our beautiful Colorado mountains.



We grill meats.


We get bored and do really bonehead things like shave Myra.



(She’s so patient with us).



We climb.




We belay (love this shot of him).




We enjoy amazing meals with friends (cheese fondue for Melisa’s birthday / our anniversary).



And, for now, we wait…



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    • Dan Trombley on June 15, 2015 at 4:51 pm
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    Wasn’t that mug a St. Helen original??

    1. Yesssss! I think it was at one point (and there may still be a couple of its brothers and sisters up there!). Mom gave it to me when we were in town last. We were talking about how its age goes well with the dishwasher (harvest gold, 37 years old). 😉

    • Tom L on June 15, 2015 at 5:13 pm
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    What’s your present address? Tom

    1. Hi Tom! We are renting a little place up on Spring Creek – we’ll stop by sometime soon and catch up!

    • Grandma on June 20, 2015 at 4:06 pm
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    The coffee mug is from circa 1960 from 21742 Timberidge. This is from a set of dishes I bought when we first moved into our house, We painted the kitchen walls turquoise so the dishes were a perfect match for it. They have been around a long time. When I changed the decor in the kitchen I had to have new dishes to match so this set ended up at Debbie and Marty’s – and then to St. Helen. Loved seeing that picture.

    Happy Hunting – I know something good will come up soon. XO

    1. Grams,
      I LOVE that the retro-mug has such a cool story. It is now living with us in The Great White Buffalo! We’ll add a whole new chapter to its story 😉

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