09: The Great White Buffalo
Boat Delivery, by Land

Boat Delivery, by Land

I’m thinking we should start our own business: S&S: Boat Deliverers, Extraordinaire. Because for the second time in four months, we’re delivering a boat. Okay, so business isn’t exactly booming – maybe we’ll keep our day jobs (once we get them) – but it’s definitely a fun little side gig.


This delivery’s a little different from sailing Free Range to Antigua: no grumpy customs agents; no bribes, docking, or anchoring required; minimal logistics (Siri, directions to Lake Namaciento, CA), and, ironically, not a drop of water involved.


In three days we drive 36 hours, take in one Vegas show, sample wine from two Californian wineries, and manage to evade police in five states (cracked windshield on the borrowed truck and expired registration on the boat’s trailer).

Speed Tourism in Vegas – we had three hours before the show to walk around and check out the casinos. Guess which one this is?
Dressed up for a show! Cirque du Soleil’s, Mystère, at Treasure Island in Vegas.
Mystère was just like the title, pretty mysterious. No plot (that I could follow) but the costumes were other-worldly, the artists / gymnasts / acrobats were incredible – strong, beautiful bodies.
Post-show dinner – BUFFET! Anything you could think of to eat, from sushi to cotton candy!
We played Red 14 for Tom & Melisa.
We get to California and the boat only to discover that the trailer was last registered when I was in COLLEGE – and before Stéphane even came to the US! That’s going way back…
On top of that, a wicked crack meanders across the driver’s field of vision in the borrowed truck…We’d have a lot explaining to do if we get pulled over. So we tick off the miles: cruise control set to slow, hands at ten and two, head down. We should probably be on the backroads but then our three-day spur-of-the-moment trip would turn into more of an epic. And we didn’t pack for epic.
Checked out a few California wineries on the way back – a tasting at Broken Earth Winery.
A second tasting at Tobin James Cellars (aka, “The party winery”).
At Tobin James.
Wine is good.
Thankfully we made it back to Montrose safe and sound, delivered the boat and earned a few dollars.



4 thoughts on “Boat Delivery, by Land

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      My favorite pic from this adventure is Stephane with cotton candy in one hand and a plate of strawberries in the other! 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      Where are you staying in Montrose? I’m in the book.

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      Wow, quite an ubexpected trip! Looks like a great time was had. Don;t know what to expect from the two of you next. Carry on!! XO

      Wow! Liooks like an unexpedted trip popped up. Looks like a good time was had. Don’t know what to expect from the 2 of you next!! Carry on! XXOO

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      That assignment continued until the end of World War II in Europe obviated measures to protect transatlantic merchant shipping from German U-boats. On April 9, 1945, she was returned to full commission for a brief interval.

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