09: The Great White Buffalo
Mom Mail

Mom Mail

One afternoon last week, a cheery gold and yellow box decorated with travel-themed stickers appeared on the stairs of the Great White Buffalo. The colorful package, pulsing happiness and begging to be opened, could be no other than Mom Mail.


Over the years and addresses, mom’s upbeat, encouraging letters, nestled in sticker-laden envelopes, always found their way to wherever home was at the time. Peeking out behind generic junk mail, coupons from City Market, and a $100,000 “check” from Publisher’s Clearinghouse, a neon orange envelope with mom’s distinctive writing was a welcomed sight. Every now and then, instead of a letter, a package filled with sour patch kids and other snackie goodies (thanks to dad) made its way across the miles.

My point being, Mom Mail rocks. (Being new to it, Stéphane is only just starting to discover the awesomeness that is Mom Mail but he is catching on fast).

In this particular package, housed ever-so-comfortably in its blue tissue-paper coverlet, lay a special ornament for the GWB. A note on blue Post-It reads:

“Happy Trails!”


Mom & Dad


The GWB now has some flair; an infusion of something more in the style of “us” to balance the busy, floral-patterned couch and the eighties-themed faux-textured wallpaper.

Taking the blue Post-It to heart, we hit the road and head up to the Grand Mesa – only an hour or so drive from Montrose but four thousand feet higher in elevation, twenty five degrees cooler and views more vast and epic.
Our camp spot for the first night – the road zig-zagging in the background is called “Land’s End Road”. It switchbacks down the Grand Mesa for eighteen miles. Myra and I ran a portion of it one of the days we were there.


Camp spot for the rest of the week. We name this “Camp Back It Up” because Stéphane had to back up the GWB for a ways down a pretty rocky dirt road (because there was no room to turn around if we had driven in). But, as always, not a problem for him!
Beautiful cliff face right next to Camp Back It Up. The Grand Mesa is covered with pine and aspen trees, green meadows, and craggy cliff bands. It is criss-crossed with trails, ATV-roads, and streams; waterfalls cascade off its edges, falling hundreds of feet below. It is beautiful up here.
Not only did we score an awesome camp site, but we were able to get cell reception (meaning I could work during the days).
Being so much cooler, the Grand Mesa is a great place to run during this time of the year. Myra and I logged some miles (Myra probably doubling my mileage with each run, chasing marmots, chipmunks, and whistle pigs).
Stéphane prepping the campfire.
Wild, yellow beast stalking its prey amongst the wildflowers.
There’s a new word I’ve heard lately. It’s called “glamping” (read: glamorous camping) and it accurately describes how we roll with the GWB. REAL plates and silverware? check. Sitting at a kitchen table not on a log? Check. Grilled salmon? Check. Yes, we do recognize that we are spoiled.
The view out our bedroom window – those are the lights of Grand Junction, a few thousand feet below.
Thanks mom and dad, for the awesome GWB flair, and for motivating us to hit the trails again! Love you!!


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