01: Preparing for the voyage
The last leg to VA: Detroit > Suffolk

The last leg to VA: Detroit > Suffolk

It was as if all the forces of nature wanted to keep us from arriving in Virginia…


Three hours into the drive – flat tire #1.
Twenty minutes after flat tire #1 was fixed, I run over a piece of metal that looks like Karen’s tibia. Flat tire #2. We have to pull EVERYTHING out of the back to get to the doughnut…


The perp.


Thank you to T.C. & Mike at Autosmith in Newton Falls, OH (home of the second oldest covered bridge in Ohio) for taking care of us!


The second oldest covered bridge in Ohio!


Practicing new climbing techniques for the Midwest.


Two fixed flat tires later, we JUST cross the state line into Virginia and a windstorm blows a giant branch into The Rogue – body and windshield damage…

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