01: Preparing for the voyage
The House has SOLD!

The House has SOLD!

The house was the number one thing that kept us fom sailing but at the same time, after it sold, it turned out to be the number one thing that will allow us to go sailing.

Sara and I worked hard at improving it. Some of he major things that we did was painting the whole inside together, I replaced the old carpet and put in a nice wood floor (laminate) and I also replaced the main windows. We didn’t use any contractors so we saved a lot of money but these few things changed the entire feel of the house and we gained a lot of equity. It wasn’t all easy but really worth it in the end.

Once we found out that we had a serious buyer, it was time to get rid of almost everything. Anything that we won’t need on the boat or for work (we’re still working until september) has to go because I’m moving into the little house (there is another blog about The Little House).

Cruisers call their savings “the cruising kitty”, and selling the house was a necessary step for us to build ours.



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