The search for the boat: Day 1

Since the windshield of The Rogue is so badly cracked, we decided to stay local and check out the nearby marinas. Not much for sale but we did meet Tim, who gave us some broker advice and invited us to come back to race on his sailboat on Friday evening. At the next marina, Little Creek, we saw several blue water boats – a Tayana 37 and (drumroll)… a BABA 35! The very same make of boat that we nearly purchased back in July. The owners were aboard working on her and invited us on to check her out. They purchased her in Muskegon, MI and sailed her through the Great Lakes, Erie Canal, and down the east coast to Norfolk.

I am having a hard time adjusting to the humidity. It’s 100 degrees and 90% humidity outside and inside anywhere, the a/c is kicking out the cold- FREEZING!

Tomorrow we drive to Oriental, North Carolina where we have several appointments set up to check out a Formosa 34, Slocum 37, and Nassau 34…

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