02: The search for the boat
Four Knot Sh*t Box

Four Knot Sh*t Box

And on our second day of searching, we found our very own Four-Knot-Sh*t-Box (we learned this term from one of the boat owners we talked to yesterday – blue water boats are known for not going very fast  – thus the four-knots – and they hold all your stuff!).

We were up early and on the road for the three hour drive south to Oriental, North Carolina. We spent the morning with Knute at Whittaker Marina checking out quite a few blue water boats. The Formosa was in pretty bad shape but we did get to get on a Hans Christian 43 (ketch) – BEAUTIFUL, a J40, a Cape Dory 33, and a Brewer 41. I really liked the Cape Dory – small but simple and clean – but it did feel like a more medium-displacement-type boat, not meant for ocean crossings…

Our next appointment was to see a 1988 Slocum 37 named Dimsan; she is a one-owner boat that has been very well cared-for. We’ve been eyeing her for months and trying to do as much research as we could about this type of boat. With 29,000 lb. displacement and 10,000 lb. ballast, full keel, and beefy rigging, she is meant to cross oceans. She came with some nice goodies as well: VHF, SSB + pactor modem (to send/receive email wherever in the world – very nice. This also means we can get our weather anywhere in the world as well – important!). Other goodies include an autopilot, chart plotter, two GPS units, EPIRB, and a nice sail inventory including a brand-new genoa. She just had a survey completed two weeks prior and we poured through the twenty-eight page document, focusing on the items that needed attention- there weren’t that many and most we felt we could handle on our own (sweat equity!).

We spent the entire afternoon going through every nook and cranny on Dimsan, re-reviewing the survey, making a mental list of the items we’d need to purchase (liferaft, dinghy, batteries, additional EPIRBs, PFDs, etc.) and how much we thought we’d have to put into her to make her seaworthy. This boat checked all our boxes as far as it being a super beefy, strong, solid blue water boat and financially made really good sense.

At the end of the day, we made an offer on her and the owners accepted! (On a side note, the owners are also S and S – Sally and Stephen).

We can hardly believe we have a boat already! Monday we will pack up The Rogue with all of our belongings and move into Dimsan and start work! Cleaning, fixing, testing instruments, etc. We will live on her (she is on the hard) for the next month and hopefully have her ready to put in the water by October.

On another side note – after much googling, we could not find the meaning of the name “Dimsan”. We do not have direct contact with the owners so we can’t ask them what it means but I am curious. We are currently brainstorming for a new boat name. The port of call will be Montrose, CO!

Our boat! A Slocum 37.


She’s a big girl.
Pullman berth in v-berth.
Nav station / instruments.
Look at all the pretty wires!
This is what sold me. You remove this circular wooden panel from the table and voila- wine bottle storage!
A mini bathtub in the head! No way!!

IMG_9023 IMG_2344 IMG_9025

13 thoughts on “Four Knot Sh*t Box

    • Author gravatar

      SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU! She looks adorable! Can’t wait to see your future posts as you begin your worldwide adventure!!!

    • Author gravatar

      Congrats!!! She’s beautiful! Love the wine holder 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      Looks super cozy. She’s a beauty!!

    • Author gravatar

      I like to think lady Linda III or the Grady white sparked your interest lol. If you go the coast of georgia call me and I’ll find you! It looks like a wonderful romantic adventure.

    • Author gravatar

      Lol it’s sarah “stew” logemann

    • Author gravatar

      Nice boat guys! We’re very excited for you. Let us know if you need some help getting her ready to sail. As a side note, “Dimsan” is a Korean word meaning tasty appetizer or sieve!

      • Author gravatar

        Yeah! Thanks Dan! I was wondering what it meant!! We have been brainstorming boat names all weekend. Our top contenders are:

        Hobo – This is our staple food when we go camping (hobo meal) and we prepared these for our wedding. Plus, the obvious meaning of the word “hobo” is applicable to our new living situation.

        Free Range – An homage to our adopted state of Colorado and also applies to our new way of life.

        Withershins – I found this on dictionary.com’s word of the day archive. It means “counterclockwise”. I like how it applies to how Stephane and I live our lives – a little counter to the rest of the world. Plus, just SAY IT out loud! It’s a great word.

        Wander Box – it’s just cute (Stephane doesn’t really like it)

        Safety Third – This is a favorite saying amongst us and our Montrose friends. Plus it’s funny because we are all about being safe.

        Bonne Idee – French for “good idea”.

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      So psyched for you guys ! Can’t wait to come out and see you off !\

    • Author gravatar

      So, so, so happy for you two! She’s beautiful!

    • Author gravatar

      LA CLASSE!!!!!

    • Author gravatar

      Just remembered to check your site. WOW, looks like you are on your way. Best of luck, but hope you won’t need it.

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      Hello to you both,

      Welcome to Slocum Yacht ownership. Your new boat (and home??) looks lovely. I’ve been living (mostly) aboard my Slocum43 cutter “Comfort” for a couple decades now. Great, strong, ocean voyaging boats. Your 37 actually has some advantages over my 43 (mine is a 1984 model, hull # 014). Very best of luck to you both.

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