11: Becoming Mainers
On furniture, helicopters, & snow

On furniture, helicopters, & snow

It’s not that we live in the total backwater of Maine, but the furniture selection here sure makes it feel like we do. One’s furnishing options in Bangor range from the “unfinished” Maine log-cabin look to Great-Aunt Matilda’s frilly, floral-patterned loveseat complete with matching pillows and ottoman – not really our style. (Please note I did not say “grandma’s frilly loveseat” because my Grams is pretty much the most modern grandma out there, so when I think of fuddy-duddy, I do not think of Grams).


So, we bit the bullet, hitched up our little wooden trailer to The Tig, and drove the 4.5 hours south to Boston and the nearest IKEA.


After a total of nine hours on the road, six hours in IKEA, and two hours placing our purchases tetris-style into the trailer, we returned home at two in the morning, tired but victorious.

Couch: check.


More couch pieces. One of the reasons why IKEA is so cool – couch doesn’t fit in your current space? Pull a few pieces out of it and now you have two chairs!


It’s not much to look at it but it is functional. There’s a little hand crank which you use to raise or lower the desk so you can work while standing or sitting. New desk chair too – sure beats the camp chair for working.


Lighting fixture ($10), and bed frame which also doubles as a dresser.


Our socks, underoos, and pants now have homes.


In other news..

Stéphane’s been working through ground and flight training in preparation for the new gig. Here is his study station, complete with a print-out of the cockpit controls.


Here’s what the real cockpit looks like. So many buttons, pedals, gadgets and levers!


Get back to studying!


This is the helicopter that Stéphane flies for Life Flight of Maine. It’s an Agusta 109. It’s quite a bit bigger than the A-Star that he flew in Colorado.


There is more room for the nurse and medics to work on the patient, and more room for everyone in general.


Here is what the little A-Star looks like.


It is smaller and lighter than the Agusta 109, which makes it really good for high-altitude landings like the one Stéphane made here, at 13,600 feet (they saved a guy who was having a heart attack near the summit of Handies Peak). p.s. Aren’t those mountains fabulous?


Yesterday over a foot of soft, powdery snow dumped down. And this morning, we took advantage of the blue-sky-sunshine to get fresh “tracks”


We made tracks with our own two feet! We’ll probably invest in cross-country skis but we’ll save that for next winter – I’m still recovering from all the new furniture purchases.


Snow art.



Snow Removal – capital S, capital R – is a real thing out here. More than half of the trucks driving around have big plows attached to their fronts. If you don’t already, you better make sure you have a plowman engaged before the next winter storm comes because otherwise, you will be in a world of trouble, my friend. You will not be getting your car out of the driveway for a long while.


Mainers must remove the snow from their roofs as well. Enter this handy-dandy tool. It’s like a scraper on a giant, extended arm.



Stéphane says its a good arm workout, so I’ll be doing it next time (gotta whip my wimpy arms into shape).


My birthday was last weekend and it was awesome. My special day included: A. A family run in up to the top of Bald Mountain whereupon I wiped out on ice, busted my knee and my phone. B. The most fabulous lunch AND dinner cooked by my fabulous husband C. All the red Haribo gummy bears I wanted to eat. Can’t beat that with a stick.


And so…Month #2 in Maine begins…

2 thoughts on “On furniture, helicopters, & snow

    • Author gravatar

      Hi Sara & Stephane

      I’m exhausted just reading your adventures – WOW. Sure fun to follow along.

      Latitude and climate changes from tropical sun & sand & seas to subzero ice & snow wintry wonderlands.

      GOOD for You

      Enjoy Life and Each Other

      Thanks for sharing

      • Author gravatar

        Hey Dale and Merna!!!
        SO good to hear from you and glad you check in with us from time to time! How are your sailing adventures going and are you taking Someday out this season?

        Sara & Stephane

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