11: Becoming Mainers
The next home away from home

The next home away from home

We keep having close calls on the sale of The Great White Buffalo (and Truckee, the 2WD-diesel-wonder-mobile). Thanks to the awesomeness of our slick used RV salesman, one Dan Quigley, and the magic of Craigslist, we are definitely getting some bites. Now that spring is here we are hoping for The Big Bite.

While we enjoyed our time roaming free in The Buffalo, she no longer suits our needs and seeing as she lives two time zones away, slowly devaluing, it’s time to send her on her way.

The Buffalo has allowed us to play in and explore some amazing places out west. While the exploring continues in Maine, we’ll do it on a smaller scale since our next camper will not be our primary residence.


The Buffalo hosted morning coffee, breakfast, and Pente sessions while out camping and post-dirtbike/run showers and beers.


One of the Buffalo’s cooler features (and Myra’s nemesis), the outdoor shower: because when you roll in dead skunk, it’s just a crime to wash that scent away.


Great times tailgating in the boonies of Western Montana.


So, the search is on for our next camper. Options we are considering are:

A truck camper, like Tom & Melisa’s. The truck camper sits in the bed of your pickup. It features a bed, small stove and refrigerator and most have heat. Some have a table/eating area that converts to a second sleeping area as well. You can take them wherever you can take the truck – much different from hauling a 32 foot Buffalo behind you.


A pull-behind pop-up, like Dan & Karen’s (in the background). D & K’s is a high-clearance, off-road style pop-up (beefier tires). These also have a stove and bed; some have a fridge and heater. What we don’t like about these is they seem kind of chinsy and flimsy.


New to the list of contenders: the A Liner. Pros: all walls are hard (instead of tent material). Seems more sturdy/solid. Also has fridge, stove, bed, heater…


Thoughts from our readers? Any suggestions one way or the other? Submit feedback now or forever hold your peace on the Hefti’s next home away from home…!


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