11: Becoming Mainers
A Week with the BabyMooners

A Week with the BabyMooners

Amidst packing up Potters Drive and securing a roof over our heads for the upcoming month (phew, it finally happened – I’ll tell you about it in the next post), we had the pleasure of spending a week with Stephane’s (and now mine) very good friends from Switzerland, Matthieu and Christelle.

We spent our final Potters Drive days dipping our feet (me) and bodies (everyone else) into the cold water of Phillips Lake, eating late dinners out on the deck, and taking in the nightly light show, compliments of the fireflies.

Over a scrumptious dinner of leftover kebobs, Italian sausage, and kale, we decided that Matthieu and Christelle were on their “babymoon”. This is a new word we had heard recently, referring to the new trend: pregnant couples taking a pre-baby vacation- presumably their “last big hurrah” before baby comes. Personally, I am not a fan of this concept. While we accept that our lives will definitely change when Baby Cub arrives on the scene, we will not become housebound agoraphobes nor will we quit doing things we enjoy. We’ll just do them as a threesome – where we go, Baby Cub goes, right?


The BabyMooners are visiting Quebec for a month but took a detour down to Maine. This is a big deal because the Swiss don’t really DO driving long distances. To a Swiss, driving 30 minutes is kind of a big deal. I am not sure if this is because most people do most of their driving locally / within their countries (which are a lot smaller than the US – In Switzerland, you drive four hours and you are in Paris. Drive four hours in the US and you’re MAYBE in another state, but not much has changed.), or because gas is so much more expensive, or it’s just a cultural thing? Or maybe a mix of them all? Or maybe none of it. No clue. Anyways, the concept of a “road trip” is definitely an American one. So BRAVO to Matthieu and Christelle for making the big five-hour drive down from Montreal to spend time with us!

Taking the canoe out for a spin. Myra decided that she absolutely could not wait for us on the dock.


Checking out the very popular ladder-rung trail called “The Beehive” at Acadia National Park. If you are afraid of heights, this short hike could be an issue for you.
The Beehive – if you look very closely, you can see little white dots here and there – those are people hiking up to the top.
Shot of some of the hikers making their way up the ladder trail.
BRAVO to Christelle for fighting her fear and making it to the top!
Don’t look down!!
Baby Cub!


Down at the ocean, a picnic lunch of goodies grabbed, randomly, at the local grocery store: hummous, watermelon slices, baguette & brie, carrots & pineapple. In the spirit of providing a true American experience, desert consisted of fruit-roll ups (strawberry, of course).


The summit of Cadillac Mountain – tallest on Mount Desert Island.
After a fun-filled week together, we sent the babymooners off to continue their adventures in Canada. Ciao ciao Matt et Christelle!!!!

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