11: Becoming Mainers
Hurd House

Hurd House

Home #2 in Maine we are calling Hurd House (because it’s on Hurd Point Road).

And we are all moved in.

The effort involved was about 75% cleaning to 25% moving stuff in (because the house was really dirty and, thank goodness, we are still keeping the “stuff” to a minimum so there wasn’t too much to move in).

Hurd House!

Hurd House has got a few things going for it:

  1. It’s up on a hill OUT OF THE TREES! We get an amazing amount of natural sunlight. It’s fabulous.
  2. It’s still on Phillips Lake.
  3. It’s got a wild, fun yard filled with rose bushes, random plants, grape vines, fruit trees, a firepit, and several garden beds.
  4. The neighborhood seems nice and friendly so far. It is quiet at night and the fireflies come out to play once the sun goes away.
  5. Cell reception – we are out of the Dead Zone that is 6 Potters Drive. Literally every time I made or received a call at Potter’s, it was a 100% given that the call would be dropped at some point. Even with all of the man hours Stephane put in to trying to fix it – microcell, countless hours on the phone with AT&T, trouble-shooting – it never worked as it should. At Hurd House, the bars on the phone are many.


Looking up towards Hurd House. Lots of vegetation going on.


Garden beds – cleaned and prepped by Stephane.


Myra loves yard work.


The only thing that Hurd House does not have going for it is its steep driveway (which wouldn’t be necessary if it wasn’t sitting on a hill, which we love so…catch-22, there you go). This will prove treacherous in the winter AND may cause issues if the oil company cannot make it up the incline to deliver our heating oil. And it will be pricey to keep plowed if we get a lot of snow.

The winter is definitely going to be interesting…


Hurd House was missing a mailbox. Stephane bought one and installed it like this. How cool is that? It is one of my most favorite things ever.


He even made sure it was regulation height (which, in case you were wondering, is between 36 and 48 inches).


The oven was left in a ridiculously disgusting state by the previous tenants. So there will be no using of the oven until it has been cleaned at least five times. And then maybe a few more. Because that’s just gross. This left us with an excellent opportunity to test out the firepit – warming up our two-day old pizza!


Here’s to Hurd House! May we be able to stay here until the time is right to head back West.

3 thoughts on “Hurd House

    • Author gravatar

      Hello my darlings,

      So glad you; have found a place to park yourselves.. Things are pretty crazy for you these days – but never a dull moment! Stephane never ceases to amaze me – he is a wonder – can do anything. How about changing diapers ? guess you’ll both have to get into that scene, At least you won’t have to wash them – like in the “olden days”.
      Love and Hugs

    • Author gravatar

      Congrats on your adventures after sailing! A big Congrats on the addition to the family (soon.)
      My wife and I are expecting our second girl in September this year.
      Keep up the good work!


      • Author gravatar

        Hi T.C.!

        Thank you for the congrats and it’s super nice to hear from you! We remember the “44444” fondly, even though we had a blowout there. Congratulations to you and your wife on #2 – you guys are up first and we’ll be right behind you in October!!


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