11: Becoming Mainers
The Lobster Bucket List

The Lobster Bucket List

After Matthieu and Christelle departed for the rest of their Babymoon in Canada, it was time to prep for Sarah & Brian’s visit. The Newmans came to us with a very specific goal in mind: feed Sarah lobster at every meal and thus fulfill one of her bucket list items (eat lobster in Maine).

Prepping for The Newmans’ visit: scoping out a sweet little spot to eat lobster. Picnic benches adorned with cheery red umbrellas line the pier, it’s BYOB, and the lobster doesn’t get much fresher than this.
Welcome to The Lobster Shack.
The lobster shack: you could get lobster or mussels or mussels or lobster. The kitchen inside the little shack consisted of a stove upon which sat a large pot of boiling water. That’s it. Throw in the lobster, throw in the mussels, wait a few minutes, and voila, you have one pricey meal.
Simple but perfect – customers bring the booze, owners provide the seafood. A brilliant business plan.
Posing with the lobsters.
Scoping out another spot for Sarah to fulfill her lobster dream: McLaughlin’s on the Penobscot River. A fun little spot (and you can order stuff other than lobster, like lobster mac ‘n’ cheese!).


Brian and Sarah arrive and bring with them the rain and cooler temps – which was actually a nice change of pace from the 90 degrees / 100% humidity days we’d been sweating through.

Sarah posing with her Maine lobster (Lobster Meal #1). I have to point out that this girl knows how to eat lobster. Not one piece of lobster meat is wasted when this girl is through with her work. It is quite a thing to behold, Sarah vs. Lobster.


Heli show and tell.
So many buttons!
Lobster Meal #….not sure, lost count. Stephane decided to order one too. His normal-sized one-pounder looked like a little shrimp next to Sarah’s monster (“It’s not the size that matters”, he says 😉
Working off the lobster on the Beehive Trail @ Acadia National Park.


A rare occurrence in Maine: a view! The trick is, you just have to get up out of the trees – not as easy as it sounds.


We put Sarah and Brian on a plane and they literally flew off with the rain. It poured down their entire visit but none of us really minded – we were happy to watch Sarah perform surgery on her many lobsters, play euchre, and drink (everyone else) / smell (me) beers. Good times with the Newmans!!




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