11: Becoming Mainers
Goodbye, Great White Buffalo

Goodbye, Great White Buffalo

Today marks the end of The Great White Buffalo era- a small era in the scheme of the Hefti timeline, but a pretty epic one nonetheless. The Great White Buffalo was our first land home after returning from our sailing adventure and today we send her on to her next owner with relief, a little sadness, and lots of nostalgia.


In a similar fashion to island-hopping on Free Range, we roamed around The West in The Buffalo: pulling out a map, pointing to a destination that looked interesting, and checking it out.


Just like on Free Range, after learning all of the systems we settled into a steady rhythm: each of us with our tasks, coordinating with the other in preparation for departure, settling into a new camp spot, dumping the holding tank, or squeezing into/out of a tight spot on the road.


Life on The Great White Buffalo was perfectly simple: a couple of pots and pans, a french press for coffee, a few clothes, internet for work, and a quiet, scenic spot to set up camp. Our household was in complete and perfect order when the following items were achieved: a fridge packed with foods for salads and breakfast sandwiches, a bottle or two of red stuck in between the cushions of the fold-out couch (the absolute best spot to store wine when en route), full water and propane tanks, an empty holding tank; gasoline for the generator, and a full tank of diesel for the truck; Myra in the backseat, me in shotgun, and St├ęphane at the wheel.


It doesn’t get much better than that, let me tell you.


Thanks for the adventures, Great White Buffalo!

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