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Climbing For Two

Climbing For Two

We’d been working so much lately it was like I’d won the lottery when Stéphane presented me with a gift borrowed for the weekend: a full-body climbing harness! I’d outgrown my regular climbing harness a few months back so had given up on the idea of climbing until after Baby Cub arrived. However, a full-body harness is a game changer! Definitely able to climb safely and comfortably in one of these babies! A big thanks to Jon Tierney for loaning me the harness!!

Setting up at the base of my favorite route at Eagle’s Bluff.
Myra’s super happy to be out and about again too! So many squirrels to chase!


When you have lost the ability to bend over, you have to create new techniques for very basic things, like putting on shoes and trying them. Patience and the ability to laugh at oneself goes a long way too.


Stéphane gearing up for the climb.


Twenty extra pounds and a very round belly out front makes for some interesting climbing.


So many noises in the forest!
The next day at Park’s Pond, we met Matthias, a photographer who was there to take photographs of climbers for a new book on the area’s local climbs. Thank you, Matthias, for sharing your great shots!


Go bug!


My superman.


My turn! Climbing at 34 weeks – for me – happens at a very slow and methodical pace. Slow because I get winded pretty quickly moving the extra weight up the wall; methodical because with each movement you want to make sure the bump is protected. My signature belly flop move no longer flies these days.


Taking a breather. Feeling the extra weight.


Honing the peek-a-boo skills.


A fabulous weekend of mellow and very safe climbing. Fall will be here soon…and so will Baby Cub!

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