13. La Famille Hefti
Hugo flies!

Hugo flies!

Hugo’s four months and babies fly free ’til their two – so let’s fly home to Michigan and introduce him to his family!

At Bangor Airport waiting for our flight.


Unfortunately, a vacation to Michigan does not mean a vacation from pumping.


Hugo’s very first flight on a plane. He did great all things considering – we were stuck on the plane for TWO hours before it finally took off (waiting to get de-iced).


Channeling Princess Leia with his ear protection.


Here we go!


Hugo with Grammie. After a rough first day in Michigan – NO naps – Hugo settled in and got used to all of the attention and my very loud family. He was a champ and took it all in stride.


Hugo got to meet BOTH of his great grandmas – how cool is that? Here he is with Great-Grandma Wilma.


With Aunt Shelley


Grammie taught Hugo the patty cake song (now I do it all the time with him).


Daddy’s the best place to take a nap.


Grampie is fun!!
The flights back to Bangor were SO much better than the ones flying out. Note to self: fly early in the morning and get a direct flight if at all possible.

A good time was had by all and many lessons were learned in regards to travel with Hugo. He is proving to be a resilient and mellow little dude. He does cry – but guess what? He’s a freakin’ baby! Air travel was really not as overwhelming and scary as I thought it would be. Nice to have this first one under our belts – the next big trip will be to Switzerland at some point – hopefully this summer.

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