14. Land of Enchantment
Stopover in Montrose

Stopover in Montrose

The wheels sqwaked as they met the pavement and the San Juan Mountains, still snowy at their tips, peeked at me through the window of the little regional jet. Hugo and I had arrived at our almost final destination: Montrose! A short stopover here to see our friends and then off south to our new home in Los Alamos (Jemez Springs), New Mexico.

We had to pull over to pose with our San Juans in the background.

It was an emotional reunion at the Montrose Regional Airport: Stephane, Hugo and I had been separated for more than two weeks and The Village and I for a year and a half. And no one had yet met Hugo! Many hugs, a few tears, and one poopy diaper later, we are off to enjoy some precious time with our most special friends.

Hugo’s first taste of a little “camping” – a day camp up on the Uncompahgre Plateau at Aspen Loop with friends and dogs.


In one weekend, Hugo experienced his first Jimmy Buffett party, first day camp, and introductions to all of his aunts and uncles: new faces, smells, sounds, and time zone for the Little Cricket. He is soaking it all in and doing so well with adapting to all the new – we are so proud of him.


Trying out the hammock with daddy.


A thirty minute drive up 2500 feet to escape the heat in town – 96 degrees in Montrose and a comfortable 75 up at the Aspen Loop.


Little cricket working on some moves.
Making new dog friends.
Plenty of room in Vicki’s REALLY BIG camp chair for Maggie.
Taking a morning lap around The Village


All smiles; cruising in style!


Teaching Hugo some moves at the Jimmy Buffett party.


We filled The Little House with friends, great food and drinks, and lots of laughter. Hugo was a real hit with the ladies 😉


Brandon plays ball with Hugo.
Hugo having a blast with his new gal pal Aubrey.


Hugo relaxing and taking it all in, from the safety of Uncle Tom’s lap.


Big hands, little hands.


Such a whirlwind trip! We did not get to reconnect with everyone while we were in town – but we will be back to Montrose to visit soon, and often. SO glad we are finally back west and close to our community. Now, it is time to head south to our new home in New Mexico!! Woop Woop!! Here we go!!!


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