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Meet The Gruffalo

Meet The Gruffalo

We would like to introduce the newest addition to The Hefti family: The Gruffalo!

She’s one foot shorter and one foot narrower than The Baby Bison. Way lighter (read: easier towing and better gas mileage), higher clearance, more storage, and better interior layout (bunks! And a dinette that folds down to a queen bed for us).


We just returned from taking The Gruffalo out on her maiden voyage with the Heftis. I’m not sure she ever met a dirt road with her previous owners, so we definitely put her through the paces the last few days.


We spent a few days at Diablo Canyon – one of our favorite places to climb. Hugo did great sleeping in his bunk bed (we had to add a baby gate + blanket over top to keep him from falling out and to keep his space dark) and our bed – which is actually the dinette folded down into a queen bed – was super comfy thanks to an added foam mattress.


We were surprised with how easily we were able to fit the climbing gear, clothing, camping stuff, bedding, etc., into The Gruffalo! Lots of storage for such a little camper! And St├ęphane absolutely loves the electric awning.


The other day someone asked us why we had a camper versus a tent. Yes, we know we are “glamping” (glamorous camping) but here’s the thing: would we go out and camp/climb/play outdoors with Hugo if we all had to sleep in a tent? Maybe (if we were hard core), but you can bet we wouldn’t do it half as often as we would with a camper. So yes, we know we are “fancy” when we go camp but the point is that we get outside and we get after it and it is something we love to do as a family. Glamp, camp: do whatever you do that you love to do together and that makes you happy!


This trip was super enjoyable with Hugo – he is walking so well and is very independent – going on little walks around the campground and around the climbing area while we climb. He is very curious and loves exploring, climbing up on smaller rocks (and of course Myra).


Scrambling up our rock at the base of our climbs.


The Tilley Hat. Yes, they make them for kids! We found it used for $3. Best. Hat. Ever. Not sure Hugo would agree…


Climbing at Styx Wall again. There are many awesome areas to climb here at Diablo Canyon but we come here to the Styx Wall because it is the easy button with Hugo: short hike in and the base of the climb is a sandy wash – basically a giant sandbox for the Hug-ster.


A rather large sand box.


Fun in the sun.


I need to keep a copy of this one in every room in the house, so when Hugo is acting up I can remember his awesome-sweetness potential and not give up hope.


Can you believe he still bums rides? The Time of the Pack is nearing its end… (little dude is heavy).


We had a great time testing out The Gruffalo and climbing in Diablo Canyon!

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