03: The Refit
Profile of a…some boat feet

Profile of a…some boat feet

**WARNING** Heidi McCollum, DO NOT read any further as this post involves…feet.


As Stephane and I laid on the warm pool-side cement after a short swim and a long day of projects, I noticed our feet. Feet, like hands, can tell a lot about a person. When I look at our feet, here’s what I see:

-Distinctive tan lines
Our flip-flops are our one and only shoe these days (if we wear one at all). In Colorado, my feet would be super white and you’d see a sock tan right at the ankle (this from running). Working on the boat and learning new skills has taken the place of running these days!

-Color deficiency
Now, I am not a diva and have never really kept perfect toenails but this is a new low for me. Toenail polish, however, is not very high on the priority list at the moment as we have so many other things we are working on and learning about in order to make our journey safe and fun.

-Decorative itches
You can’t see them in this pic, but we have small, red mosquito (and who-knows-what-other-animal) -bites all over our feet and ankles (and everywhere, really). We are in North Carolina and there are mosquitoes here and we have been caught outside one too many times during what we call “feeding time”.

Our feet have had to switch gears this past week once we put in the water: Free Range MOVES now, even when she is docked. Add to this the fact that when we are on land everything feels like it’s rocking, you will now understand when I say that the simple act of walking becomes slightly less simple.

All in all, we like the looks of our new boat feet.


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