14. Land of Enchantment
Casa Uva gets a Face Lift

Casa Uva gets a Face Lift

Our home, Casa Uva, has been stripped of her weathered, rotting scales; she is now sporting a more edgy, modern look: we call it gypsy boho. It’s not quite the look we were going for (or paid for, for that matter), but at least she is protected from the elements.

When all is said and done, Casa Uva will flaunt her new curves, color, and style. That is, if the project ever crosses the finish line.

Swaying many feet off the ground on unstable, creaky scaffolding, the crew begins the process of removing the cedar shakes.
Shakes for days.
Weathered, yellow tar paper moves in the wind (and so does the scaffolding).
The crew takes off for the day, trailer heavily-laden with the old cedar shakes.


After many false-promises and two weeks of no-shows, a new crew shows up to begin wrapping our girl in Tyvek (waterproofing).


Noel and his dad (day 1) and Noel, his wife, and St├ęphane (day 2) complete the waterproofing Casa Uva.


As I write this it is June 5th.  This project began May 15th and we were told would be completed by the end of the month of May (LOL!).


In The Eleventh Hour, just days before leaving for Switzerland, the house is *finally* finished.


We love the way it turned out – the style and the color.
View from the rooftop deck. Hooray!!


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