15. Switzerland 2018
It’s All About the Backyard (Switzerland 2018)

It’s All About the Backyard (Switzerland 2018)

We had an amazing three-week trip to Switzerland this summer! Taking advantage of “kids fly free ’til two”, we booked our tickets for a summer trip The Land of Cheese and Happy Cows before Hugo’s second birthday (this October).

We flew out of the sweet, tiny airport in Santa Fe (smaller even than Montrose!) – an hour closer than Albuquerque and just way easier to deal with. Small airports are THE BEST.
While this was not Hugo’s first plane ride, it was his debut on the International Scene.



Flights out consisted of: Santa Fe > Denver (1 hour) Denver > Frankfurt, Germany (8.5 hours) Frankfurt > Geneva (1.5 hours)

We left Santa Fe at one o’clock in the afternoon and arrived in Switzerland around ten in the morning the next day. It was a LONG day of flying but Hugo did great sleeping on the floor, wrapped in “blankie” for most of the long flight (during which time we enjoyed the nice meals, drinks, and service of Lufthansa (WAY better than any American airline I’ve ever flown on).

Why pay for a seat on the plane when there’s plenty of room on the floor?
Sané! Kick back and enjoy Maria and Jürg’s lush, colorful backyard and warm hospitality. It’s a bluebird sky, the pre-alps are beckoning in the distance, and the local beer (Cardinal) is tasty and cold. Life is good.
The Hefti’s yard is such a wonderful space to relax and visit. Over the years they have cultivated it to fit their needs: fruit trees, veggie garden, grill, pizza oven, pool. Not sure why Stéphane ever left home!! 🙂
The pizza oven.


Cooling down in the pool. Hugo LOVED the pool and was drawn to it every day. His favorite activity was throwing three plastic balls into it and then grunting to one of us to fetch them so he could throw them in again. He then graduated to throwing rocks in, which we had to terminate asap.
The biggest geraniums I’ve ever seen. I noticed a TON of red geraniums hanging out in window boxes (along side vinca vines) all over Switzerland. It seems to be the go-to flower, at least for window boxes.
Cooking up pizzas in the pizza oven!!
One of many meals out on the patio.
Papi serving up some yummy meat that he’d roasted on the grill.
Our backyard domain for three glorious weeks. We did ACTUALLY leave the yard and had many adventures around The CH, but we had equally wonderful times basking in the sun and in each other’s company.

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