Stéphane vs. Casa Uva

Stéphane is the Home Improvement Warrior at Casa Uva! The past few months he has been on over-drive: new floor for master bathroom (major project), and 3/a lot of rooms painted fresh, clean, modern WHITE.


Project #1: Master Bath Fixer-Upper

The “Before” picture of our master bathroom floor. A month after we purchased Casa Uva, we started to hear popping sounds when we walked into the bathroom. We realized the grout was cracking out from in between the tile.

The exploratory digging begins.

Soft, weak sub-floor removed. Confirmation that supporting joists are still solid (phew).

A layer of dry, clean 2″ x 6″ tongue and groove.

Layer #2: OSB. Creating a STRONG sub-floor!

Layer #3: rubberized waterproofing paint. Goes on PINK, dries red.

Layer #4: cement board is cut to size and laid.

Bonus layer: in-floor heating! This added a bit to the overall budget, BUT warm tile on bare feet on a chilly December morning is aaaaahhhhhhhmazing.


Final layer: each tile cut to size and fitted perfectly.

And finally, many layers later, the AFTER picture.

AFTER pic, different angle. OH, in addition to the new, strong, warm, beautiful tile floor, Stéphane also painted the walls and ceiling white: fresh and clean.


Project #2: Transforming the den from cave to modern family room


BEFORE pic: our den is the darkest room in the house and has only one window. The brown walls (AND ceiling) really make this room feel like a cave. This is a semi-before as Stéphane had already painted the ceiling white.


AFTER: white, clean, and modern-feeling. Yes, the walls are a little bare, but we’ll find some fun art. Next stage in this room’s transformation, Stéphane will create a built-in with storage for climbing gear, additional shelving, and a little desk (all on the far wall).

AFTER: different angle.


Project #3: Half bath from dingy to bright

Our downstairs half-bath is so small it’s hard to even get a decent picture of it, but here is the BEFORE. Like all the other rooms in Casa Uva, walls and ceiling are brown.

AFTER: bright and happy.

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    • J. V. Lloyd on December 30, 2018 at 8:42 am
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    OMGosh — those renovations are SO impressive, particularly that master bathroom floor!! I’ll bet you are REALLY enjoying that warm tile with this COLD weather. Very exciting all around.

    I say Stéphane has defintely CONQUERED Casa Uva (NO contest)! ROCK ON~

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