13. La Famille Hefti
Escaping the snow

Escaping the snow

The Gruffalo is packed and I’m madly tying up loose ends at work so we can get on the road and escape south, away from the snow. A half an inch of the powdery stuff fell in Los Alamos Thursday morning, so we were more than enthusiastic about driving down the hill and heading south to warmer weather and our favorite climbing spot, Red Rock Arroyo.

On the way down, a stop at the Owl Cafe, home of the infamous green chille burger, which absolutely lived up to its reputation.
Additionally, this damn place in the middle of nowhere, which was all about owls, happened to have hanging on its dingy walls, the very same painting that I grew up with in the den at home. And we just so happened to sit at the table just below where it hung (table 13). What are the odds of that?
The green chille burger!

With full bellies, we finished our drive south. Forgetting to top off with gas in Socorro, we discovered a hole-in-the-wall “truck stop” to fuel up and made it to our beloved Red Rock Arroyo just before sunset. It’s such a good feeling pulling into Luna Park Campground: we are always the only ones and get to set up camp in our regular spot, kick back, and enjoythe quiet and solitude.

The Gruffalo hiding in the trees.
Short but steep hike up from camp to our photo spot – a fun tradition!
This year’s photo…kind of a hot mess, but imperfect photographs tend to tell more memorable stories.
Our home away from home.
It was so enjoyable with Hugo this time around! He played with his toys, “read” his books, and took an interest in climbing. He helped us by telling us where we should put our feet while we were climbing, brought us water when we lowered down, and even pulled the rope for us after each climb.
I love this place because it has so many moderate climbs that I can attempt to lead. It’s such a great spot to gain some confidence while lead climbing.
Hugo enjoying “the night book” while mommy and daddy climb.
Gathering wood for the campfire.
A round of bocce ball before the sun sets.
Hugo took this!
Playing with shadows around the campfire.
Enjoying an icy cold popsicle at the end of the day.
Another day and more climbing. Our little helper pulls the rope after the climb.
Campfire scene. Good times had by all at our Red Rock Arroyo. Can’t wait to go back.

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