03: The Refit
New Bern

New Bern

We took the afternoon off and drove to New Bern, NC- about 30 minutes away. New Bern was founded by a Swiss family (thus “new” Bern – Bern being the capitol of Switzerland). New Bern’s flag is just like Bern’s flag – red/yellow with the “Swiss bear” on it.

Image 7


We checked out “Hurricane Jack’s” marine consignment (still searching for a used grill that we can mount to the rail in the cockpit; no luck) and then ate an early dinner at Morgan’s in the historic downtown area. Our server came over to take our order and when he had gone, I asked Stephane, “did our server just smell really good, or do we smell that bad?” The funny thing is, we can’t tell!!! We aren’t sure if we smell bad and we’re just used to the smell or if our bodies just got used to taking fewer showers and have adjusted accordingly…no idea. Maybe we should have asked our server…

Image 9
The “bear claw” beer sampler (everything is “bear” this, “bear” that in honor of the New Bern Swiss bear.

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