03: The Refit
Shady Free Rangers

Shady Free Rangers

After roasting in the cockpit on more than one occasion, we thought it best to get a bimini made. A bimini is like an umbrella on steroids: it shades you from the sun but it is mounted to some major metal which, in turn, is mounted to the boat so it’s super sturdy.

Image 8
Jimmy from New Bern Canvas & Sails and his assistant measure and install the bimini frame.


Image 9
After the frame is installed, they drape a plastic covering over it and mark the edges where the fabric will need to go. This then becomes the template that they use to sew the fabric for our bimini.

I don’t have a good “after” photo but will post one tomorrow!

We also got lettering on the boat for our new name, Free Range. I looked through about a thousand or so fonts but finally found one that both Stephane and I really liked (Petunia Bounce). Donny from New Bern worked with us on this project and he’s awesome! He is from Colorado as well; he and his family did the cruising thing for years and plan to start up cruising again after their last child graduates from high school. Thank you Donny!


Image 10
Donny installing the Free Range decal
Image 1
We are officially Free Range!




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