03: The Refit
And from here on out, we walk (or run)

And from here on out, we walk (or run)

This evening we bid our last tie to land adieu: The Rogue is ours no longer. A nice, young, North Carolinian couple bought The Rogue-ster and I hope she does as good for them as she did for me.

Knowing we would be without wheels from here on after, we made last-minute trips to the grocery store for more provisioning. I bought all of the canned goods Walmart had to offer.


2 thoughts on “And from here on out, we walk (or run)

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      Sara & Stephane

      WOW – great website / blog. Very Well Set Up

      We are the folks in s/v SOMEDAY – hope you are able to use the charts. Remember, I’m old, paper is always there – electronics come and go . . . . .

      Enjoy your adventures – Best To You

      Hope we meet again in crystal waters / white sand and warm breezes

      Merna & Dale
      s/v SOMEDAY

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      Now you are truly sailors!

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