17. Wyoming
Where the Rails End and the Trails Begin

Where the Rails End and the Trails Begin

The Heftis have landed in Lander, Wyoming! After much deliberation, soul-searching, school / town research, and early morning coffee chats poolside Chez Porthole Place (VA), we decided that this little town at the foot of the Wind River Mountains will be the best place for us. The fact that we have never been here does not deter us; we’ve moved to many places before sight-unseen, I guess it’s kind of our MO. But this move feels different, like it will be a more permanent one – we hope it will be. We are looking forward to setting down some roots.

Giddy up! Let’s do this, Lander!

Things we notice right away that make us feel at home:

  1. Free RV dump / water fill-up for campers.
  2. Local brewery.
  3. The majestic Wind River mountains rising up just beyond the edge of town.
  4. “The wave” from nearly every driver.
  5. Tevas, cowboys boots, messy hair, trucker hats, raggedy clothes, bikes, backpacks, dirty trucks, and lots of smiles.
  6. Cliffs for climbing, trails for biking and running.
  7. Deer meandering down main street.

The Grizz gets a well-deserved bath after carrying us safely across the country.
On Saturday we volunteer at Hugo’s school, helping to put classroom furniture together. We are so impressed with the bright, modern, and lovely schoolhouse, the ample school grounds, and the warm, friendly, freedom-loving people who we meet.
Checking out the bead cabinet.
Lander’s city park allows for three days of camping (tent or camper) and is a lovely spot. It boasts a sprawling “wild west” playground, lush grass shaded by towering cottonwoods, and a chattering river to lull you to sleep at night.
Lander city park – campers to the left, tenters to the right.
Wild-western-themed playground.
After our three days at the park, we head out of town for some more wild camping. Thirty minutes south is Wild Iris – beautiful white cliffs for climbing and some great camping spots. The Grizz got her first taste of off-roading.
Trying out some climbs at the OK Corral wall.
Hugo is rarin’ to go! He did great and climbed each route that Stephane put up.
Hike with daddy while mommy does a little work.
Building blocks.
Curious camp squirrel.
Those views.
Smiles all around. So far so good. We love it here.

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