17. Wyoming
Winter happenings

Winter happenings

Stéphane hit an antelope on the way home from Rawlins

Dan came to visit – charbonnade and museum.

Guest house progression – more wires and pipes;

Trip to Menards, let’s pick out some lights!

and more: we need flooring, and cabinets – a fan!

Tiglet retired; welcome Eagle to the clan:

she’s white and she’s peppy, has minimal miles

plus she’s cute, has a moonroof and Volkswagen style.

Throwing balls down the lanes at our alley in Lander-

Silver Spurs – super retro; fun times we’ll remember

Family hikes on “our” trail system right ‘cross the street

Slaying monsters galore, every one that we meet.

And then Neni arrived and the boys got to choppin’

all the wood every day, sun or snow, with no stoppin’

Peronis at five, now the evening’s begun

With cooking and laughter and having much fun.

Chess-master Jürg teaches Hugo the moves

Hugo shows Neni his yodeling grooves

There was buffalo jail break: “Big Joe” in our yard

Massive and hairy and breathing quite hard

Good times all around at the Home On The Range

Good food and good company- zero complaints

(Except one, and we hope that one day very soon

Our dear Captain Hefti will no longer commute

We anticipate summer may be our reprieve

and we hope that by then good old Rawlins he’ll leave

and report to Lander base, just right down the road

Time will tell, we shall see how this story unfolds.

We have had a productive year so far filled with school, family visits, and lots of working and playing outdoors. We’re still settling in here and have a lot of painting and hanging-up-of-things-on-walls to do. But we love it here. We look forward to finishing up the guest house and hosting lots of friends and family this upcoming year!

Protected by my knight, we travel to the Land of Beyond Beyond
Another family hiking adventure across the street. Hugo uses his butterfly net to carry his precious rocks.
Farmers Hefti
Bowling evening at the Silver Spurs! Our local alley is cozy with only twelve lanes, has a legit old-school bowling bar complete with smokers, dark wood, and dim light, and they make great fries.
Enjoying charbonnade dinner with Dan – his first visit to Lander!
Visited the National Military Museum of Military Vehicles just outside of DuBois. This place is absolutely amazing and so well done. We took the tour and we fortunate enough to have two of the curators join us.
Post-carnage picture after “the incident” with the antelope.
The truck getting a little facelift.

Stéphane getting it done.
Enjoying the hot springs in Thermopolis.
Please don’t wish to be big 🙂
We checked out the dinosaur museum before hitting the hot springs. The dinosaur museum in Thermopolis is one of the few dinosaur museums in the world to have excavation sites within driving distance (kind of cool!)
This is Eagle! Rest easy, Tiglet, and thank you for all of you hard work.
Hugo at his first climbing “competition” (I didn’t tell him it was a comp; we were just doing it for fun to pass those odd after-school-before-dinner hours when I’m single momin’ it).
Go Hugo! No fear 🙂
Winter hike in Sinks.
We got STARLINK! Particularly useful for people like us in the more rural areas of the country. Thank you Elon!
Big day at Menard’s! We picked out lighting and other odds and ends for the guest house. Lander does not have large stores like this so we had to drive to Casper, 2.5 hours away.
Jürg arrived from Switzerland motivated to cut some wood!
The boys were all smiles the first few days – the weather was warm and dry- perfect temps!
Thank goodness for those water bottle weights! Papi worked out with large bottles filled with water in preparation for the work he’d be doing with us here. He was ready and up to the task!
Hugo helping out
Filling up the wood stash for the basement wood stove.
Action shot!
Giving Papi a tour of the property and checking out the buffalos from the back fence.
The tour walkabout
Bon apétit! We enjoyed so many nice, leisurely dinners while Papi was visiting. He reminded me of the joys of slowing down and enjoying the little things
And then it snowed!!! But Jürg was not deterred. Here he is getting ready for a workday in the knee-deep snow.
Clearing the work area after a foot of snow fell.
Hugo helps out on the work site.
Hugo helping the boys chop
Hugo working hard with daddy and Neni.
Snowy smile
Neni shows Hugo how to fold some unique paper airplanes.
The escapee checking out our driveway.
Enjoying the snow as a free buffalo in our yard.
He was big…
Hugo gives Neni a tour of his school
The lovely Primary Room
In front of the reading levels
Prepping another lovely meal. We wanted to treat Papi to tomahawks, and purchased some at the local butcher.
Yum! Thank you for the amazing wine, Maininis!!
Taking the dirt bike for a spin.
The mission continues. These guys worked non-stop until the job was complete.
So much wood!
Bravo! Father and son, the dynamic duo. What a great team. Mission accomplished.
Post-run photo in Sinks Canyon.
A pajama and Playmobile kind of morning.
Metal cowboy sculpture on the side of the highway en route to Casper. This just screams Wyoming. I love it.
That’s all for now!

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