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Winter 2024 Photo Catch-Up

Winter 2024 Photo Catch-Up

The winter of 23-24 was not as epic as last year, but we got our share of snow.

The front yard tree holding up some snowy weight.
Stéphane logged many snowplowing miles this winter.
Snowy deck
Hugo competed in a local climbing competition. Each route was given a certain amount of points. Hugo pushed himself to work the more challenging routes in order to maximize his points.
Third place! Well done!!!!!
We received a very special delivery this winter…
Mom and dad sent us the red and gold encyclopedias that I grew up with!! We’ve been looking up information on dinosaurs, military medals, George Washington, etc. etc. etc. Thank you mommy and daddy!!!
Hugo and Stéphane spent a daddy-son day (I was sick booo) flying to Pinedale and enjoying the rec center there.
At the Pinedale Recreation Center.
Little pilot in training.
Family hike in the canyon.
We spent many winter evenings enjoying Stéphane’s fabulous cooking in the pizza oven. So did you know that you can cook many things OTHER than pizza in a pizza oven? Here we’re enjoying a fabulous shepherd’s pie! mmmmmmm.
With all of the snow we received, Lander was Prime Time for fat tire biking! We enjoyed many outings on the fatties.
Racing an incoming storm down the hill.
This year Stéphane was home for the Poker Run – the annual fat tire/hiking/cross country skiing event in Sinks Canyon. You ride/hike/ski to the various stations and pick a card at each station. At the end, you have your poker hand. Highest hand wins!
At the. Big Lebowski station – they were making White Russians.
Stéphane had the niftiest way to attach our mugs to his bike.
At the pirate station.
Fat tire setup.
This station had amazing Swedish meatballs and whiskey.
Our poker hands. Stéphane started out gangbusters with three aces but four-of-a-kind ended up beating him out. It was still one heck of an afternoon in the canyon.

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