Cape Lookout

S&S and a few other guys at Sailcraft recommend that we go check out Cape Lookout. It’s about 30 miles from Oriental, six of which are in the ATLANTIC OCEAN! So we borrow an old chart, get some provisions, and take off. Most of the way is motoring / motor sailing on the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW). We had planned to […]

Profile of a…some boat feet

**WARNING** Heidi McCollum, DO NOT read any further as this post involves…feet.   As Stephane and I laid on the warm pool-side cement after a short swim and a long day of projects, I noticed our feet. Feet, like hands, can tell a lot about a person. When I look at our feet, here’s what I see: -Distinctive tan lines Our flip-flops […]

The Other S&S

Did you know that there’s another S&S out there? And did you know that they are fabulous? Well, now you do. Sally and Steve – a.k.a. “The Other S&S”, “The West Coast S&S” – are the previous (and original) owners of Free Range (Dimsan).  We are so blessed to have purchased this boat because now we have these two in […]

More Projects

And the projects continue…         We needed to add a new switch to the electrical panel. There’s this thing in the bilge called a “float switch” (actually there are several float switches/bilge pumps in the bilge). When water gets to a certain level in the bilge, the water pushes the float switch up to a point where […]

Maiden Voyage

Saturday afternoon, after much cleaning and stowing of things, we took Free Range out for our first sail. Mark, a master rigger who works at Sailcraft (local boat yard/marina where we are staying) came with us to make sure we got out of the channel without running aground and to teach the ropes. We were SO HAPPY to have him […]

Splash & Step

Sunday, a few final projects: painting the boot stripe, lubing all the sea cocks and making sure they can open/close easily, loading all of our belongings from “the burrito” onto Free Range.     Monday we splashed Free Range (dropped her in the water!). Paul loaded her up on his giant truck and drove her over to Sailcraft Marina. Stephane […]

Big Boat, Little Boat

This past Saturday we took a day off. And boy did it feel good 🙂 We drove back to Nofolk and got to spend the morning on the aircraft carrier on which Dan currently serves – the USS Harry S. Truman (The Buck Stops Here!).         Later in the day, we met up with a guy selling […]

Original Slocum 37 Brochure

Yesterday I discovered a Slocum Owners Group on Yahoo Groups – awesome!!! Although most of the owners appear to own the Slocum 43, it is still a very helpful and knowledgeable group of which to be a part. I posted a question about chainplates last night and got a response an hour or so later – love it! A great […]

Boat Boot Camp – Week #2

More projects this week… Chainplates We had Mark from SailCraft (local boatyard) come out to assess the chainplates. The chainplates themselves look good and so we are good to go to move forward with re-sealing them. Stephane did that today (took all day, but it’s DONE which means NO MORE LEAKING in our boat (at least no more leaking from […]

s/v Free Range

We’ve been brainstorming for a proper boat name since the day we bought her. Finally, we have one we love: FREE RANGE We see “open range” signs all over our neck of the woods in Colorado (ranchers let their cattle wander over the land, eating whatever wherever). We also see them on our way to Indian Creek. So, firstly, it […]

The Star Key

There’s a little star cut-out on the deck where you fill the water. All week we’ve been looking for “the star key” so we can open up and fill the water tanks.   Finally, when we see the boatyard owner, Paul, we say to him, “We’d like to fill up our water tanks but we can’t find our star key […]

Boat Boot Camp

It’s been a work week like none other I have known before: manual labor from sunup to sundown. My body has grown soft and weak sitting in its office chair all day Monday through Friday, so this new routine has been hard on it but GOOD for it! Monday As the clock struck seven AM this past Monday morning, we […]

Four Knot Sh*t Box

And on our second day of searching, we found our very own Four-Knot-Sh*t-Box (we learned this term from one of the boat owners we talked to yesterday – blue water boats are known for not going very fast  – thus the four-knots – and they hold all your stuff!). We were up early and on the road for the three […]

Heading East

We left Colorado on a Thursday morning after yet another goodbye get together (“Here we go again on our own / drinking all the bottle of wine we’ve ever owned” – Tom Chamberlain). You can only say goodbye so many times – it was definitely time to get on the road. We said our tearful farewells to Dan and Karen, […]

Going Away Day

Our friends came from near and not-so-near to spend time with us, wish us well, and send us off on our adventure. We spent the afternoon trying to chase the shade with Team Duck Tape: climbing at the Pool Wall in Ouray – being loud, talking more than climbing (Heidi & Lori 🙂 and enjoying each other’s company. Kirk and […]

Nereia 2

I got back from St-Thomas/Puerto Rico. Even though Nereia isn’t going to be our boat, the trip was super productive. Here is what happened. The bones of the boat seemed bomber, but unfortunately it got broken in. Lots of equipment was stolen and the stuff that wasn’t stolen wasn’t functioning properly. Nereia still seems to be a good deal, but […]

Sutures, Shots & IVs

One evening, our good friend Patrick (an amazingly talented surgeon) taught us how to suture. He brought over the different-sized sutures and we practiced stitching up gashes in lemons.   That evening, Karen taught us how to give a proper shot (we practiced on a lemon as well). Just this past Wednesday, I gave Karen several of her weekly shots – […]

We got married!

It was a breezy Saturday evening around Tom and Melisa’s fire circle on their back patio. We were having dinner and drinks and decided it was the perfect time to tell our friends of our plans to get married this summer! Upon sharing the good news and everyone checking the calendar app on their iPhones, it was quickly determined that […]


  We have been reading about and looking at photos of the Westsail 32 since the start. But words and photos are one thing and getting ON an actual WS 32 is something entirely different – we want to see what one is like for REAL! While visiting family in Michigan this month, I posted a message on the Westail […]

Trip to Michigan

Yeah! We took advantage of our trip visiting family in Michigan to complete our first sailing classes: Basic Keelboat Sailing and Coastal cruising on a Catalina 25. Before the actual class, the sailing school sent us a couple of textbooks to study. To get the most out of our classes we reviewed the 2 books and quizzed each other the […]

The Little House

The Little House has been my home for a while now – it’s been perfect for me and Myra: plenty of room for this girl and her dog. The Little House is actually Dan and Karen’s guesthouse and is located in what we lovingly call The Village: a community of friends and homes up on Spring Creek Mesa outside of […]

Our Sailing Library

Since we still live in beautiful but landlocked Colorado, books are our main way of fueling our dream. Here is the list of the books we’ve read so far: Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual – Nigel Calder The Cruiser’s Handbook of Fishing – Scott and Wendy Bannerot The Voyoger’s Handbook – Beth A. Leonard The Cruising Life – Jim Trefenthen […]