07: The Delivery
Hermitage Bay Invasion

Hermitage Bay Invasion

We sailed across to Antigua from Saint Eustatius on a bright, moonlit night. It was a much smoother passage than the previous, Anegada.

Goodbye Saint Eustatius. Sorry we didn’t get the chance to hike up and into the volcano but we were too antsy to get a move on and get Free Range delivered safely to her new home.
Relieved to see the beautiful, green hills of Antigua off our bow.
Antigua is a beautiful island – lush, green hills and small sandy beaches tucked into private coves.
After clearing customs, immigration, and port authority in Jolly Harbor, we headed to the next bay north to find a picture-perfect, calm anchorage in front of Hermitage Bay – a private, fancy-pants resort.
We decided we should invade Hermitage Bay so we stormed the beach with the Dinghy!
Guests at Hermitage Bay enjoy a fabulous beach with the beautiful Free Range in the background.
They store the tourists in these cute little cabanas tucked into the hillside.
Just act natural, like you’re a guest. What would a guest do? Why yes, pose in front of the pool! (Free Range in the background).
They must have shot a Corona commercial here…
We enjoyed a drink and an appetizer (hummus and pita chips – only FOUR pita chips!!! – and a tomato & onion “salad” – it was maybe TWO bites!).Then we were asked, “which suite shall we charge?”

Ummmm…. the boat out there? That’s our suite ­čÖé

We’ll pay cash.

We had a nostalgic night, enjoying some wine (thanks Bruce!) and playing our last game of rummy on Free Range. We’ve enjoyed many nights on Free Range playing rummy, drinking wine, and practicing French.


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