07: The Delivery
Onwards to Antigua

Onwards to Antigua

It was a rough ride across the Anegada Passage but we made it. It took 21 hours and we ended up diverting to St. Eustatius (instead of the intended Anguilla) because it was a better point of sail and further south: closer to our objective, Antigua. This photo best describes our state post passage:



Last night in St. Eustatius was a sleepless night. In celebration of Easter, competing music clashed and blared on the beachfront making it impossible to sleep. Sounds of steel drums, bass, and bells surged across the water in a ceaseless, manic rhythm. We were rocked mercilessly by the swells in the anchorage. Perhaps this is why, in his recommendations of islands to see on our way to Antigua, new owner John did not mention St. Eustatius…


We’d planned to check out Nevis and then straight east to Antigua, but we’re going rogue, Free Rangin’ it, and heading for Antigua this evening. Our last night sail, our last big push.


Here we go!

3 thoughts on “Onwards to Antigua

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      Stay strong!

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      We have been following your progress since you left our shop. Sad to see your adventure is coming to an end. On to the next one I suppose!
      If you find yourself traveling along I-80 in ohio again, please feel free to stop in and say hi!

      Best wishes!

      Everyone here at AutoSmith!

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        Stéphane and I read your comment and just smiled and laughed! We are SO pleased that you and the AutoSmith crew have been following our journey all along – that is SO COOL! We remember you and your excellent co-workers of AutoSmith in the 44444 zip code fondly!!!! You took the best care of us!

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