Category: 07: The Delivery

End of The Road

We rounded the west coast of Antigua, bashing into wind and waves; after passing Prickly Pear Island (probably the tenth island we’ve seen with this name in the Caribbean), we pointed south to enter the channel for North Sound Marina – our final destination and Free Range’s new home.   The end of the road. …

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Hermitage Bay Invasion

We sailed across to Antigua from Saint Eustatius on a bright, moonlit night. It was a much smoother passage than the previous, Anegada.  

Onwards to Antigua

It was a rough ride across the Anegada Passage but we made it. It took 21 hours and we ended up diverting to St. Eustatius (instead of the intended Anguilla) because it was a better point of sail and further south: closer to our objective, Antigua. This photo best describes our state post passage:   …

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The Delivery (Yep, we sold her!)

To mark the next chapter in our sailing adventure, we’ve created a new blog category, “The Delivery”. See – we are no longer cruising; we are delivering. Over the next week or so, we’ll sail Free Range to her new home, Antigua, and deliver her into the hands of her new owners (whom we like …

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