03: The Refit
s/v Free Range

s/v Free Range

We’ve been brainstorming for a proper boat name since the day we bought her. Finally, we have one we love:


We see “open range” signs all over our neck of the woods in Colorado (ranchers let their cattle wander over the land, eating whatever wherever). We also see them on our way to Indian Creek. So, firstly, it reminds us of our Colorado home and of Indian Creek and climbing. Secondly, the concept of open / free range reminds us of us – we are on our boat, free to go wherever whenever.

WE are s/v (sailing vessel) FREE RANGE!


Those that didn’t make the cut:

Withershins (we were SO close to making this our boat name. But in addition to meaning counter-clockwise, it also stood for disaster and unluckiness)

Hobo (because we make hobos all the time. And hobos wander about)

Wander-Box (Stephane didn’t like it)

2 thoughts on “s/v Free Range

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      I think it is a great name. When are you sailing, and will you be able to continue your blog on the entire trip?
      (You gave me the free HP cartridge) Tom.

      • Author gravatar

        Hi Tom!
        Of course we remember you! I think you are our number one follower on eeeeeep 🙂 – we love it! We will be able to continue the blog the entire trip. Internet will not be as accessible as it is now, but we will be recording entries as we go and when we get to a marina that has Wi-Fi, we’ll upload our blog entries at that point. So keep following!


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