03: The Refit
More Projects

More Projects

And the projects continue…

Image 2
Reconnecting all the mast wiring (lights, speed indicators, antenna, etc.)


Image 3
It’s important to wear the proper hat while working with electricity.
Image 5
Cleaning the bilge


Image 11
Wearing Stephane’s already bilge-dirty clothes to see if I can fit better in the bilge to get to more nooks and crannies.


Image 12
Stephane cleaning the nooks and crannies (I didn’t fit).


Image 9
Totally busted sleeping on the job.

We needed to add a new switch to the electrical panel. There’s this thing in the bilge called a “float switch” (actually there are several float switches/bilge pumps in the bilge). When water gets to a certain level in the bilge, the water pushes the float switch up to a point where the float switch turns on the bilge pump. The bilge pump then starts pumping the water out. We needed to add a switch that would enable the float switch to be able to¬†turn the bilge pump on and off¬†without the bilge pump running all the time.

Image 8
This is our electrical panel before.

Enter Stephane:


Image 6

Image 4
Voila. Finit. A new bilge pump switch. It’s a three-way switch that allows you to a) turn the bilge pump on, b) turn the bilge pump off, or c) let the float switch determine when the bilge pump goes on / off.



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