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The Other S&S

The Other S&S

Did you know that there’s another S&S out there? And did you know that they are fabulous? Well, now you do.

Sally and Steve – a.k.a. “The Other S&S”, “The West Coast S&S” – are the previous (and original) owners of Free Range (Dimsan). ¬†We are so blessed to have purchased this boat because now we have these two in our lives. They are so supportive, uplifting, knowledgeable, helpful, and generous. We have asked a bazillion questions and they have given us a bazillion-and-one answers.

Today, it was Christmas in September. Steve and Sally invited us to go to their old house, where they have lots of boating items stored, and to take what we thought we would need for our adventure. Say what??? We came away with goodies like a dinghy, liferaft, lots of clippy things (Stephane tells me they are “hose clamps”), charts, electrical wiring, a bosun’s chair, wind scoop, flags, and the COOLEST (to me) – original Slocum 37 brochure, paperwork, letters from Slocum owners – SO COOL!!!! Love it!!!!

Southport NC
Steve & Sally!


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