13. La Famille Hefti
Turkey + Tree

Turkey + Tree

Happy Thanksgiving from the Heftis!

This year we celebrated a day early, on Wednesday, so Jess and Bradley could join us. St├ęphane prepared a feast! Turkey with stuffing; mashed potatoes, gravy, yams, macaroni and cheese, green beans- it was amazing! Our neighbors and good friends Tom and Pam also joined us; we all had a lovely day together.

Posing with the yummy grub.
Diggin’ in.

The following week, it was time to search for this year’s Christmas tree. St├ęphane picked up the tree tag + map in town and we headed out of town to search for the perfect tree.

Which one will it be?
Hugo carried the saw and helped Daddy cut our tree.
This year we found our tree close to town, just up the road going to Pajarito ski hill.
Let the decorating begin!
All gussied up.

After hauling our treasure home, we spent the evening untangling lights while Christmas tunes crooned through the speakers, sipping on mulled wine from heavy ceramic mugs, searching for ornament hooks, and laughing as Hugo places yet another ornament on the same branch.

Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy this lovely, wintery month; smile to strangers (they most always smile back), stress less (who cares if you burned the pie), and put yourself on pause to really be in the moment with those you love.

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