06: Cruising: The Caribbean
Brother-Time in the BVIs

Brother-Time in the BVIs


Image 3
Daniel-son has arrived! Stéphane and Dan posing with stogies (Free Range in the background).
Image 5
Hanging out at the tiki bar on the beach in front of our anchorage. A 30 second dinghy to the beach from Free Range, a 1 minute 30 second walk to the airport (literally) to pick up Dan.
Image 6
Briefing the bro on this week’s route through the BVIs.


Image 7
Taking a morning dip.
Image 10
Free Range all clean and shiny, ready for her showing. We had one showing before we took off with Dan to the BVIs. We were really excited to be able to anchor her right in front of the Best Western, where the potential buyers were staying.
Image 11
Except…there’s two Best Westerns on this beach (who knew?), and we picked the WRONG ONE to anchor in front of. DOH.
Image 8
Took Dan on the Hassel Island hike. Charlotte-Amalie inner harbor in the background with three cruise ships at dock.
Image 9
Color coordinated!
Image 15
Time for a sail! Off to Jost Van Dyke, our first stop in the BVIs.
Image 13
Dan is feeling the heel!!
Image 17
Jost Van Dyke is home to The Soggy Dollar Bar which, apparently, is where The Painkiller was first invented.
Image 16
The Four Musketeers! We thought it best to be thorough with our research and so decided to sample a Painkiller from each of the bars on the beach, not JUST Soggy Dollar. Just to make sure that Soggy Dollar’s was the best. Because, you know, research and all.
Image 18
A few Painkillers in, Stéphane gets creative with the camera.
Image 19
Has someone had too many Painkillers? Nah, just relaxing and enjoying the view. Lots of boats and tourists on this beach! People-watching!!
Image 24
Off to the next! Stopped at Sandy Cay and Monkey Point for some snorkeling, then ended the day at The Baths in Virgin Gorda. Putting Dan to WORK! Raise the mainsail, sailor!!
Image 23
En route, snacking on bananas and saltines and gin-gins (ginger candy; Dan wasn’t feeling all that great – sailboats can do that to you).
Image 25
Teaching Dan how to properly anchor Free Range. In front of a pretty amazing beach (I’ve seen a lot of them and I have to say this is the most beautiful).
Image 26
Dan taking the dinghy for a cruise.
Image 20
The boys!
Image 29
Our amazing anchorage – Valley Trunk Bay, Virgin Gorda.
Image 21
You can’t tell but Dan’s getting WAY too much sun. And I’ve never seen my brother with such long hair before! He’s taking advantage of time off from the Navy, for sure.



















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      So wonderful to see the 3 of you together having a good time! Dan’s looking good with his longer locks. Wish I was with you. We are having such COLD, COLD weather. Love you guys. XO

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