01: Preparing for the voyage
Craigslist, boxes, St. Thomas and a boat

Craigslist, boxes, St. Thomas and a boat

Stephane left for St. Thomas on Thursday afternoon. Believe it or not, he is there with the owner of a boat we are seriously considering purchasing – this *could* be our new home! Over the past few days Stephane and the owner have been working on the boat- getting her ready to sail to Puerto Rico where they’ll leave her on the hard in a marina there (for hurricane season). Stephane has been working on the engine, electrical systems, and cleaning barnacles off the hull. I know he is being a sponge and soaking up all of the knowledge that he can. Of the two of us, he is definitely the one to be there – he has so much knowledge of boat systems already that he is an amazing help to the owner and, on top of that, only adding to his working knowledge of all things boat.

I only wish I could be there too but as we near the end of our time here in Colorado and our jobs, it is more important than ever to maximize our savings potential until the very end. So, we work in our own ways – me at my job and, after work hours, putting our last remaining items on Craigslist, boxing items that are coming with us and items that are not, getting rid of more clothes, and generally prepping for our new adventure.

They are sailing RIGHT NOW as I type.


Captain Hefti!

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