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Merry & Happy

Merry & Happy

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The Heftis!


In lieu of bringing yet another tree into our lives (we have enough of them here in Maine), we decorated a happy little pine just off the back porch.


Using up some leftover felt to create a festive necklace for the little pine out back.


The Hefti Family Christmas Tree – our first one!


We hung one single, non-felt ornament sent to us by the Grand Junction Chamberlain Clan – a “baby’s first christmas” spoon. Thank you Chamberlains!!!


Hugo also received the most beautifully-knitted hat and sweater – complete with little sailboat buttons – from our friend Julie. Such a special gift! And it fits perfectly (which means it won’t fit for long)… 🙁


So…what else has been going on at The Heftis the last month?

St̩phane continues to concoct fabulous foods in the kitchen Рpictured here with his latest batch of clementine jam.


Biscom (like gingerbread but ten times better), lemon cookies, jam, and homemade oatmeal bread.


Lots of jam sessions with Hugo.


We try and keep doing things we enjoy – here at the climbing gym.


Playing around at the gym.


Giving Hugo his first climbing lesson.


We dress Hugo up in cute outfits and take pictures of him while he’s passed out (this elf suit from Carrie!)


We do the same thing with Myra so she doesn’t feel left out.


Stéphane is still working hard at LifeFlight


On a scene call – beware black ice!


Hugo feels the love at Life Flight!


Myra and I are slowly starting to build up our running legs again after several months’ hiatus. Feels so good!!
We spend a lot of our time shoveling the never-ending driveway.


I mean, seriously, look at this driveway.


We dress Hugo up in cute outfits, take tons of pictures, and debate over who he looks like (I vote Stephane, for now).
More posing with The Little Bear.


Another storm. More shoveling.


More posing.
We bundle up and go on walks (soon, runs!)


And every morning when the sun rises and we find ourselves still in Maine, we realize how amazing our lives are, even if we aren’t where we want to be – yet. The wonderful friends we have made here, the sweet little cub we made here, and, yes, some fabulous memories too. Life is good. So Merry & Happy to you, from the Heftis!

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