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Catching up in Creede

Catching up in Creede

Creede, Colorado is a teeny little town tucked up in the San Juan mountains. Over the years it has morphed from its silver mining roots into a quaint, clean, funky little town catering to travelers, dirt bikers, hunters, campers, and explorers. It’s traded silver mining for tourism as its economy but has still managed to keep its historic vibe and quaintness. Trendy restaurants, an amazing outdoor store, funky art gallery, tequila bar and other fun shops line main street in historic buildings backed by sharp, craggy cliffs. I love this town and I love this particular corner of Colorado.


Creede, CO
Welcome to Creede.


Cute little garden on Main Street. I dig the polka-dot wheelbarrow.


We stopped by a very unique art gallery. The artist to the right (“War Machine” – skull/metal) caught all of our attention. Tom fell in love with a super cool sculpture except Melisa was not too keen on adding yet another skull to the Hotel Chamberlain art collection.


Same artist – flying horse skull on tricycle.
The local outdoor store – how is it that a town this small can have an outdoor store this amazing? Los Alamos needs to take page out of Creede’s book, that is for sure.
We set up camp at our traditional spot right on the banks of Miner’s Creek: access to great trails just down the road and a short drive into town = perfection.


Myra is in her glory. She is her old self again (and so are we) – shaking off the dust that settled while in Maine.


We crossed the river to gather some firewood, chucking it across piece by piece.


Hugo enjoying watching the adults in evening camp mode (gathering fire wood, grilling appetizers)
Hugo’s first Colorado camp fire! Appropriate that it’s in Creede, my absolute favorite spot.


Tom and Stéphane get out on the trails. I settle Hugo into his pack and he, Dan Q., Myra and I get a nice hike in and explore a few old mines.


Vibrant flowers from Stéphane’s ride.


Into town for some lunch and poking around.
Garden honoring the different branches of the US Military.


Hugo is very hands-on today.
The Mac Mine: AMAZING gourmet mac ‘n’ cheese truck. Owner lives in a wee home next door.


You can get your mac ‘n’ cheese with bacon, jalapeños, spinach, and mushrooms, just to name a few. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
Creede also has a very special music store featuring unique items such as the hammered dulcimer.
A fun rendezvous with part of The Village (just Tom and Dan could make it out). On our way back to Los Alamos, we stop at Three Barrel Brewery in Del Norte, CO. Pretty decent wood-fire oven pizza- thumbs up!
Digging the beer label art.

A great first trip back to our beloved Colorado to visit the gang! First of many! Now back to The Land of Enchantment to catch up on work so we can get back out and play.

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