Picture catch-up

Our laptop is cured! So, here’s a photo catch-up: less words, more photos.


Seen en route to Jacksonville: pepto-bismol-colored ketch in need of some loving.


Image 1

Our first night in Jacksonville we anchored across from this shipyard. The cranes that pick up the giant shipping containers reminded me of dad when he had to do this on the set of one of his movies (move shipping containers with a crane).


Image 3

We bumped into the Star Wars ship again! Steve S. was right! These *do* carry cars – we saw hundreds of Toyotas drive out of its belly.


Image 2

Freighters always remind me of Tom Chamberlain and the Army of Darkness. Every freighter I have seen since we started our journey has “Safety First” plastered in large letters across the front of its tower. One day I will photoshop a freighter picture and change it to “Safety Third”.


Image 9

Our toilet decided it needed some fixin’. Except the fixin’, which included just a few valves, would have cost almost as much as a new toilet and we would have had to wait four weeks for the parts.


Image 10

Note the green growth on the toilet. While in some circles, “patina” is a good thing (Sotheby’s Auction, Antiques Roadshow), on your toilet? Not so much. I scrubbed this sucker with every chemical known to man and even tried hydrochloric acid. I probably took several years off of my life trying to de-patina this toilet. So, when it came down to fixing or replacing, you know what my vote was.


Image 12

Installing the new head!

Image 14

Six bus rides, five or so miles of walking (two of which included carrying the head), a few solid man-hours of install time, and voila: a thing of beauty.


Image 15

Jacksonville Municipal Park Marina – just us for the first few nights; clean and quiet.


Image 18


Image 21

VIP dock.


Image 19

Right across the street is the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium.


Image 22

Oh no you didn’t! Talk to the hand! We’re in gator country.


Image 16

This is kind of nifty. If you want shore power, you enter your slip number and slide your credit card and for $8.56, you get 24 hours of power.


Image 6

Another service we took advantage of is free pump-out. You dock your boat alongside this station, attach the suction / hose to your holding tank port, and a few minutes later, your holding tanks are empty!


Image 4

Securing the suction to the holding tank exit port.


Image 7

Here’s a better shot of what’s happening.


Image 23

One afternoon a pretty big thunderstorm / tornado came through. The porta-potties were shocked.


Image 24

The trees were awed.


Image 29

At night we were treated with the most excellent aroma of roasted coffee thanks to our neighbor, Maxwell House (it’s Good ‘Til The Last Drop you know).

Image 28

On our last night we checked out The Jacksonville Landing – just a short walk downtown. Lots of restaurants, shops, and bars. We had a beer and our first Scotch Egg (hard-boiled egg, sausage, breading, mustard, greens – mmmmmmmm).


Image 32

And today, we are off! We are anchored back across from the shipyard and will head south down the ICW tomorrow to St. Augustine.


Image 31

Thank you Jacksonville Municipal Park! A really great place to stay! So nice to be on the dock again for a little while – who knows when that will happen next?!?



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    • The other "S"s on November 21, 2014 at 6:26 pm
    • Reply

    Hah, I was right (a not too common occurrence). Those Toyotas we being delivered by “sea-section” – hah, I’ll be here all week, try the veal. Ba Dum Tsssh! In Charleston, the Mega dock provides a floating mobile pump-out station – they called it the poo-poo canoe. That head is waaaay to nice for the job it is slated for.
    Your stories makes us envious until we realize all the work involved – oops, nap time. . .

    1. That’s actually pretty funny!!! Sea-section!!! In St. Augustine for another day or two then on to Daytona to pick up our new auto pilot (we bit the bullet and went for the beefy RAM / below-deck auto pilot). Will be eating more canned goods and ramen to make up for it 🙂

    • aunt shelley on November 22, 2014 at 2:41 pm
    • Reply

    I was showing ant Jr the pictures. The first picture he asked if that was your boat lol we all say hi love u thanks for the pictures keep em coming l 🙂

    1. Haha! Seriously? Show him what our boat REALLY looks like! Sending all our love to you guys from St. Augustine. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Go Lions!!!!!

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